GREAT NEWS….. Blanca has moved to Denver Colorado to join Priya Shastri and her boyfriend Luke.  Priya is from India and has a special passion and empathy for the street dogs of India.  She has waited a long time to adopt one and she is overjoyed to welcome Blanca home.

Pre-Adoption Post

This beautiful one and a half year old spayed female girl, along with her five tiny puppies, lived in a busy governmental district of New Delhi. Thousands of people passed the small family every day, but no one stopped to help them, even though they were skinny and filthy.

Despite this, once rescued, Blanca and her pups happily interacted with volunteers. They ate ravenously, and it seemed like a happy ending was in store for entire family.

Tragically, just three days after these happy family photos, Blanca’s puppies took a dramatic turn for the worse. A compassionate animal lover who had brought Blanca’s family to her home noticed the little ones were not eating so well after a couple of days. The vet confirmed the pups had distemper, and she immediately began medical treatment.

Yet one by one, Blanca’s pups passed away; all five babies ultimately died within two weeks of these precious photos. It was later realized that Blanca had been spayed by city authorities too soon after she had given birth – she could not produce milk for her babies, which was why they were so malnourished. And more importantly, without her colostrum, and given their immature immune systems, they had zero defense against this horrible disease.

Today, Blanca is thriving, despite her tragic past. She is an absolute dream – submissive, loving, gentle, and quiet. As she has slowly recovered from her past difficulties, she has grown more athletic and playful by the day, but she is still very calm. Blanca has learned how to walk on a leash, and she always responds when called. She is a tiny desi dog who loves receiving belly rubs and resting in the grass.

Blanca loves people and is fantastic with children. She would be best in a home with no other cats, and she can be nervous around domineering dogs. Blanca is an amazingly fast learner when treats are involved! Her foster mom reports that she learned to sit in less than five minutes! She is potty-trained, has no food issues, and sleeps in her crate at night with perfect manners. She is quickly adapting to life as a “house dog” and getting used to all the usual household noises with no trouble. Her sweet, easygoing nature is an ideal match for a young family or senior citizens.

If you are interested in adopting Blanca, please contact Dawn Trimmel at or 414-426-4148.
  • Hometown New Delhi, INDIA
  • Age/Weight 1.5 yrs/
  • Gender Female/Spayed
  • Rescuer Meredith Allen