What is the International Street Dog Foundation?

The International Street Dog Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of street dogs around the world. We find forever homes for dogs in extreme need, and a central part of our mission is to inspire change by raising awareness of the issues that these dogs face.

How can I find out where my money goes/how it’s being used?

The money donated to ISDF goes to cover the costs for dogs in need around the world. Our biggest cost is air transportation for the dogs rehomed in the US, followed by veterinary services. You can follow ISDF on Facebook or check the News and Happy Tails areas of this site to learn how your donations are put into action.

How much of my donation actually goes to saving the dogs?

ISDF has no paid employees and no rent expense so you can rest assured that 100% of your donation goes to improving the circumstances of dogs around the world.

Why does ISDF focus on international dogs and not dogs in need in the United States?

ISDF will help dogs in extreme need regardless of which country they are located in – we believe in compassion without borders. It just so happens that dogs in extreme need often lie outside US borders. Unfortunately, these dogs abroad don’t have many people working on their behalf to improve their lives. The dogs of the world are counting on us to be their voices. For more information, check out “Why international adoption?”

If I consider adopting/fostering, what sorts of health and/or behavioral issues could the dogs have?

All of ISDF’s rescues are thoroughly examined by a veterinarian prior to coming to the States. Only when they are healthy, spayed or neutered (unless under 6 months), and current on vaccinations do they become candidates for re-homing in the US. The US Immigration and Customs department requires a Health Certificate testifying that the dog is in good health, currently vaccinated against rabies, and free of infectious disease at time of import. Since many of our dogs are rescues from the dog meat trade, we have prepared some advice tailored to these dogs, who have come from a harder background than most. See: “Rescue Manual” and “Doggie, Don’t Run!” in our important forms section.

How can I help?

There are so many ways to help innocent dogs around the world that desperately need your help. We have a list of suggested ways that you can help on our site. Donate, adopt, foster, volunteer, spread awareness though social media, local media, write letters to US and foreign governments, sign petitions in protest – what you can do is only limited by your imagination..

Do I have to be located in the Chicagoland area to adopt?

No. ISDF prefers to re-home in Illinois or Wisconsin so that we are available for more hands-on post-adoption support, if needed. However, if you live outside of these states, under certain circumstances you might be eligible to adopt, and we will help arrange transport to your home state. Note that the cost of adoption may increase due to domestic transportation costs.