ISDF is a 501(c)3 registered organization dedicated to saving the lives of street dogs around the world.

Founded by Dawn Trimmel and David Reese in 2011, ISDF’s main mission is to raise awareness of issues facingĀ dogs around the world. We believe that change begins with awareness. There is no more effective method of getting governments who allow inhumane treatment of dogs to change, than for them to feel pressure from the international community. If they believe their global public image is being tarnished and therefore, their tourist revenue is being affected, history has demonstrated time and again that they will start paying attention.

ISDF also rehomes dogs in extreme need. We believe each life counts and each dog placed in the USA helps to support the main mission of raising awareness. That one dog, saved and now living the American dream, will have their story told over and over again, thus spreading the word in the most effective way – through firsthand experience.

We may not be able to change the world overnight, but we will not allow that to be an excuse to do nothing. We all can do something to help spur change. ISDF is working to change the world…one dog at a time. Please help us in our mission – the dogs of the world are counting on us! ISDF has no paid employees and no overhead costs so you can rest assured 100% of your donation goes to improving the circumstances of dogs around the world.


We have no paid employees – 100% of your donations serves street dogs in need.