How cold is too cold for your dog?

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The American Veterinarian Medical Association has a very informative article on helpful tips for caring for our pets in cold weather. Most of us are aware of the risk of hot weather and the risks of leaving your pet in … Continued

Doggy Don’t Run!

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It is important to take extreme safety measures to ensure your new dog doesn’t escape as their flight risk is extremely high in the initial days prior to the bonding happening.  Despite your best efforts it can and does happen.  It … Continued

Living With a Street Dog

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A fascinating account of some of the challenges and joys of living with a street dog.  Lisa Tenzin-Dolma a leading expert in free-ranging street dog psychology and behavior, shares with us her experience and learnings from working with these amazing … Continued

Crate Training

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Need help crate training? Crate training can be a very effective method to integrate a dog into your house. It can help lessen anxiety by having their own “den” and safe place to call their own. It can be an … Continued

Care Tips: Honey Do

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Sen Yai has had persistent skin problems, which we first noticed in response to his chicken allergy. Once that cleared up, seasonal allergies kicked in and he started turning pink and bald again. I tried everything: Neosporin, fancy canine creams, … Continued