In many countries around the world dog meat is consumed; served in restaurants, and in homes, sold in street markets, and prepared for special occasions and festivals. Not only is that unthinkable – given that dogs have earned their place in society and have co-existed with humans as domesticated animals for thousands of years – but the manner in which the dogs are obtained and the barbaric slaughtering of these innocent and loving creatures is appalling!!!

Over 16 million dogs are estimated to meet a cruel dealth to feed the dog meat trade. The countries which are the top offenders are China, South Korea, Philipines and Vietnam.

South Korea

In South Korea, Customers commonly choose a live dog from a cage, at which point the dog is pulled away to be slaughtered while the customer waits. Dogs can commonly be seen in Korean markets being killed (hopefully) by hammer blows to the head before being skinned. Sometimes the dog is electrified instead, with electrodes fixed to the tongue. Yet another favored method is slow strangulation by hanging. The flesh is then singed by a blowtorch to improve its appearance. On some occasions, the animal remains alive throughout, eventually dying from shock. This is all performed in full view of other dogs crammed in cages awaiting the same fate. The Koreans actually believe that the adrenaline released into the dogs’ bloodstreams by their sheer terror and agony will increase the sexual potency of the consumer.

“Dog goes best with a light Shiraz, or a nice Riesling” says Lee Charm, CEO of Korea Tourism Organization.


The Thailand government is facing serious questioning regarding the illegal dog meat trade that that is estimated to bring in approximately 6 million dollars a year and at least one Thai politician is being accused of being involved.

Between 3 to 500,000 dogs are taken from Thailand and smuggled into Vietnam to be skinned alive and then served at restaurants every year. Another disturbing fact is that many of these dogs were someones’ pet and they were stolen from private property.


Dog meat is consumed widely in Vietnam. Dog meat is believed to bring good fortune in Vietnam. In Vietnam, dog meat is comparable in consumption to chicken or pork! The manner in which these dogs die is barbaric – many suffer a lingering and violent death in the belief that “torture equals taste”. The dogs are bludgeoned over the head, stabbed in the neck and bled out, hanged and beaten alive or electrocuted. Some dogs are thrown into boiling water while they are still alive. Most are purposely slaughtered in front of other dogs, to increase their fear and stress level, to boost the adrenaline and thus enhance the flavor in their meat.


Eating dog meat is a socially acceptable practice in parts of China and up to 10 million dogs are slaughtered annually. The suffering of the dogs is heart wrenching. The dog meat industry is growing at an alarming pace as the affluency of China grows. The practice is becoming more industrialized with dog farms mass producing dogs for consumption and is even promoted by the government in some provinces. Dogs bred for the meat trade possibly will spend their entire lives in wire cages. They are often caged tightly and kept in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions. They do not even get to feel what walking on the ground is like, they don’t get to mingle with other dogs other than those cramped in cages beside them; they suffer summer heat and freezing winters outdoors; they are not given water or suitable food; they get no exercise; some even have their eardrums burst to prevent them from barking – every natural instinct they have is disturbed by the inhumane and tortuous conditions they must live under.