Support a dog in need from Thailand!


ElfesWorld in Koh Samui is a shelter for 670 animals rescued from the street and from the illegal dog meat trade. ISDF has partnered with ElfesWorld for several years and helps to rehome Elfe’s rescues into the US. It is Elfe’s dream and ultimate goal to have each and every one of her rescues live life in a loving home as a cherished dog. However, the reality is that very few will ever be lucky enough to make the journey due to high cost of travel. In the meantime, they need food and medical care which costs lots of money for over 650 dogs.

If you can’t adopt but want to help please consider sponsoring a dog—the cost to cover a dogs food and medical costs is just $23 USD a month.

You can choose which dog to sponsor, and you will receive regular updates and photos—what a wonderful way to help a worthy cause!

Please click here to sign up to sponsor one of Elfe’s dogs.