GREAT NEWS!! Captain, rescue from the streets of New Delhi, India, is HOME!! Today Captain joined Leslie Solem of Spring Grove, IL. In the picture is Lexie, Leslie’s grand daughter who is looking forward to spending lots of time with Captain. Captain joins a K-9 sibling named Baby. There was much excitement in the air today … Lesley’s sister and nephew came along for the big event. Captain met them yesterday and today when they returned to get him it was as if he was saying YES, I knew you’d come back for me!!!! Thank you Ria Gupta for rescuing Captain, Meredith Allen for helping with preparation for his journey, and Yoav Karny for being his flight volunteer and sponsoring his flight cost. As usual, many people have come together to make this miracle happen. Most importantly thank you to Leslie Solem for opening her home and heart to this special boy!


Pre-Adoption Post

Meet Captain!
This sweet boy is a 4-month-old puppy and the son of Julia, a street dog from New Delhi who is also up for adoption through ISDF. Captain was tragically the only one of his litter of 9 that survived.

He is very calm and confident for such a young puppy and displays perfect behavior around other dogs, cats, and people, including kids. A truly amazing pooch who has great manners, especially for such a little guy!

Captain received his name when he was rescued from the streets. He was found in pathetic shape – malnourished, and with open maggot-infested wounds on his tiny body. Despite his weak and ill state, he climbed onto rescuer Meredith’s lap as she was driving him to safety. Stunned, she exclaimed, “Look at you – just a little captain!” and, well…the name just stuck!

After medical intervention, much nurturing care, and lots of TLC, he is now a healthy, happy-go-lucky puppy who is just waiting to find a home and family to call his very own so that he can shower them with love and show them how eternally grateful he is to them.

Captain is current on vaccinations, microchipped, and crate trained. He currently weighs 18 lbs and will probably weigh approximately 35 to 45 pounds when full-grown.

He arrived on August 25th with Yoav Karny (ISDF Rescue Partner) who was his flight volunteer.

  • Hometown New Delhi, INDIA
  • Age/Weight 4 mos/18 lbs
  • Gender Male
  • Rescuer Meredith Allen