GREAT NEWS…. Chianti is home with Lexie Vernon of Galesburg, IL.

Chianti was rescued with her brother Merlot from the streets of Tunis, Tunisia. Thanks to Yasmine and Azza Malalk of Yasmin Azaiez Animal Rescue their lives were saved and they are being given a second chance at life. A chance millions of street dogs around the world will never have.

Lexie and her partner are active outdoor people and look forward to long hikes and lots of fun adventures with Chianti. It is safe to say little Chianti will never want for anything again… especially love.

Thank you Lexie for opening your heart and home to Chianti! ❤️

You too can save a life …


CHIANTI’S Rescue Story:

Do you enjoy relaxing after a busy day? Do you appreciate snuggling on the couch with
your loved ones? Perhaps, a lovely glass of wine – or a rescued pup like me! – would complete your evenings!
I am a darling three months-old female pup from Tunisia who thankfully escaped a tragic
end to life… before it even began.
In February, the Yasmine Azaiez Animal Rescue group received a panicked phone call
from a compassionate woman. This kind lady was in total distress after witnessing a bloody,bruised dog being dragged across the road by a rope tied to a car. She managed to stop the brutal, merciless man driving the car. She begged him, “What are you doing?” He replied in a casual tone that his dog was pregnant, and he had no use for her; he said that he was trying to purposefully kill her.
Yes, that’s correct. Absolutely horrifying.
The wonderful lady pleaded with him to allow her to take the dog. He agreed. She
brought the dog to the vet. As she had witnessed, it was confirmed that the dog was in a
dreadful physical state: covered in cuts, dirt, bruises, and infected wounds. Miraculously, her internal health was stable, and she gave birth to me and my two siblings. We were all healthy, beautiful pups, and we have lived in a loving foster home since we were babies. My mother is now happy and has fully recovered from her injuries.
I am a very active pup, and I am a natural leader! I interact well with both cats and dogs,
and I behave calmly in the car. I love to play and share my toys. Since I am still a young lady, I am learning things like potty-training and crate-training. Did I mention that I love to be petted? I am so thankful to join the International Street Dog Foundation family, and I cannot wait for you to select me as your favorite wine… forever!
In Tunisia, animals – especially dogs – face an enormous lack of respect. Rescuers
have seen disgusting situations and heard about some despicable circumstances. Dogs have been rescued from dog fighting and combat. They have been rescued from torture and being chained and roped in the dark without food and water.

Chianti is fostered in Wadsworth, IL.  She is a little bundle of love – very sweet and dainty and always enjoying a cuddle.  What a treasure she is!  Could you be the home she has traveled so far to find?

You can find our adoption application here.  You must be approved for adoption prior to scheduling a meet and greet.


  • Home Country Tunisia
  • Age 3 months