GREAT NEWS….. Cicoz now named Lucy has been adopted!! Cicoz is a rescue from the streets of Istanbul and just arrived in the US last night.

This morning she joined Sarah Back and her family. Lucy now has 3 human siblings and a K-9 brother named Bandit. So far Bandit and Lucy are doing well – respectfully getting to know each other.

It was an emotional union – Sarah loved Lucy before the greeting and her eyes welled up upon first site. Lucy seemed to know and walked right up to her tail wagging and rested head in Sarah’s arms. A destined fated union forsure.

This is what most Street dogs dream of but will never have opportunity to experience. The love of a family. Thank you to Seda Cinar for making this a reality for Lucy.

Most importantly, thank you to Sarah Back for making Lucy’s dreams come true.

You too can save a life.


Pre-Adoption Post – My name is Cicoz.

Hello! I am a cute little rough-haired Turkish terrier-hound, not even a year old, from Izmir, an ancient city on the Aegean coast. My rescuer, a wonderful animal advocate named Seda Cinar, first saw me walking alone through the fields outside the city, my narrow silhouette disappearing amidst the tall grass. Seda thought I might be hungry, so she brought some dry food over to me to see if I would eat. She was amazed to see such a small girl, weighing less than 20 pounds, eat 3-4 cups of food without stopping. It was probably the first meal I’d had in days–but I was so hungry, it felt like it was the first I’d had in many weeks!

For the next two months, Seda drove out to feed me–I knew the sound of her car and would run over to greet her as fast as I could. Though Seda had originally assumed a dog as adorable as me must have had a home to go back to each night, she came to the realization that I had been abandoned, probably by a family who had wanted a toy without any responsibility. It was very dangerous for me to be living outside in this open area, and Seda feared that I would become dinner for one of the many wild boars that roam the fields at night. So Seda scooped me up and brought me to safety, and I have been waiting here for a home ever since.

Seda named me Cicoz, the Turkish word for a glass marble, because I am so colorful and have such a pretty coat. I am a smart girl, and have been learning many things since my rescue including house-training and how to walk on a leash. I’m naturally good at making friends with people and other dogs. I was brought to the vet and given all of my shots and a microchip, so I will never be on my own again. Seda tells me that I deserve a wonderful life, full of love and free from worry.

Since finding good homes for all the dogs that need them is impossible in Turkey, Seda is giving me the awesome opportunity to fly all the way to America, where she knows the perfect home awaits. With the new year begins my new life! No matter what wonders my future holds, I will always keep Seda close in my heart, for Auld Lang Syne. Cheers!


If you are interested in adopting CICOZ, please contact Dawn Trimmel at or 414-426-4148. You will need to download and email back a completed  adoption application before scheduling a meet and greet.


  • Hometown Izmir, Turkey
  • Rescuer Seda Cinar
  • Estimated Age/Weight 10 months, 17 pounds
  • Arrival Date January 8, 2018