Great News! Enya has gone to her fur-ever home with Samantha Salvi of Chicago. Enya narrowly escaped death from the dog meat trade in Thailand and has lived for the past 3 years at ElfesWorld with 700 other dogs in the sanctuary. She had patiently waited a long time for her own home.

Thank you to Marjon Tondavi of Give a Dog a Bone for sponsoring her airfare.  Also a big thanks to Elfe for giving such loving care to Enya for the past 3 years and working so hard to give her a better life.  Most of all thank you to Samantha for making Enya’s dreams come true

Samantha has fallen deeply in love with Enya and it is safe to say that Enya’s hardships are over and from here on out she will join the ranks of the “spoiled rotten princesses”… :)

Thank you to Marjon Tondravi for sponsoring her airfare.  You can also help support future dog meat trade survivors’ airfare by shopping at Give a Dog a Bone.  Marjon and her team lovingly hand make all of their dog accessories with the highest quality and donate 100% of the profits to help the dog meat trade survivors from Thailand.

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Pre-Adoption Post

I am Enya.

I’m a real sweetheart who was luckily rescued from the horrific dog meat trade 3 years ago. I narrowly escaped death – twice actually. First, from the dog meat traders, and second, from the perils of the government livestock center where I was brought after my rescue. Fate now has greater things in store for me, I hope…

I am a 4 year old spayed female who resembles a miniature Golden Retriever, as I weigh in at just 33 pounds.

I love nothing more than to give kisses to kind people who visit our dog sanctuary in Thailand. I am starved for human attention as I have languished here at Elfesworld for 3 years since my rescue – and approximately 700 dogs, all clamoring for love, also live here alongside me.

Please read my full story HERE.

  • Hometown Koh Samui, THAILAND
  • Age/Weight 4 years/33 lbs
  • Gender Spayed female
  • Rescuer Elfesworld Thailand