HILDE is an approximately 4-5 year old female, 35 pounds.  She is current on vaccinations and spayed.  She looks like an adorable Brittany Spaniel mix.

HILDE was rescued from the Dog Meat Trade in Thailand by the Elfesworld Rescue.

Hilde is very loving and gets along well with other dogs.  She has great house manners and is cage trained.  She is a little shy of strangers but warms up quickly.  She has a spunky cute personality and likes to engage with her humans.  She enjoys affection and freely gives out kisses.

HILDE was rescued in 2013 from the brutal dog meat trade in Thailand.  After her smugglers truck was seized by the Royal Thai Police she was taken to the Thai Government Shelter Khemmerat where she would not have survived long.  Luckily her good looks most likely saved her life as a kind sponsor named Maneula Hoffmann saw her picture all the way from Germany and paid to have her medically treated and flow to ElfesWorld on the island Koh Samui.  There she has lived outdoors with over 600 other dogs for approx.  3 years.  Elfe gives as much love and attention as she can to the dogs in her care but there simply isn’t enough time in a day……  The reality is most dogs are starved for human attention.  It breaks Elfe’s heart to not be able to provide more to them.  Some dogs like Hilde are especially human orientated and will whine when you leave her kennel run which is even more heartbreaking.  In addition, small dogs like Hilde sometimes are picked on by the larger dogs since it’s still a “survival of the fittest” environment.  Elfe would like nothing more than to see sweet Hilde have a home of her own with lots of love and attention – a fulfilled life.  Luckily we had a flight volunteer traveling to Chicago on October 21st who was willing to act as a flight volunteer.  Hilde should have no trouble finding a loving home here as she is so adorable.

Hilde is doing great in foster care in Evanston, IL.  She was nervous upon arrival but has since bonded closely with the dogs and people in her foster home. She seems to smile and do a little dance when she sees you and will be your little shadow.  She give tentative kisses and then they become more bold if you allow her to keep kissing you.  She is very beautiful and exudes joy and playfulness once she comes out of her shell.  She will make a great companion to a very lucky family!

If you are interested in adopting HILDE, please contact Dawn at 414-426-4148.  You can find our adoption application here

  • hometown Koh Samui, Thailand
  • age / weight 3-4 yrs / 35 pounds
  • gender female