Hi my name is Holly and I was rescued from the streets of Albania as a young girl.

I am named Holly after Jrue Holiday – World Champ of the Milwaukee Bucks. I was named this because I overcame great obstacles to rise to greatness.

I am super friendly with all dogs and was fostered in Albania with my rescuer and have excellent house manners as a result. Here is my rescue story as written by my rescuer Mike and Nikki. Thanks for reading about me and I can’t wait to meet you.

On Christmas Eve in Albania little Holly walked into our lives. Going out to feed the neighborhood street kittens, I turned around to find a tiny puffball of a white & brown puppy, no bigger than the kittens themselves, looking up at me with her sad brown eyes. Despite her puffy puppy fur, she was starving, covered in fleas and ticks, and all alone. “Where is your Mama? Where are your Brothers and Sisters?” I asked, but she only replied by laying down and hoping I would help her, not chase her away like all the other people had. Holly was probably about 6-8 weeks old. We took her in and fed her a meal (which she ravenously gobbled down). Off to the vet we went for her initial anti-parasite treatment, where other than her retinue of hangers on (which included worms as long as her curly tail!) she was declared healthy and ready to undergo a full schedule of vaccinations. Tired from all the excitement of being saved, we went back home, and this tiny puppy curled up on my chest, resting her head on my cheek, and fell asleep, the kind of sleep that only a puppy who feels safe can enjoy in Albania. Over the next two months Holly received all of her puppy vaccines, and when the time was right we had her spayed so the cycle of suffering would be broken forever. Fed good food, she grew big and strong until she was as tall as her friends. Holly learned to wear her harness and go on leashed walks like an American pet puppy. She learned to sit on command, to catch tossed treats in her mouth, and to get into her crate and lay down. She lives for playing with her puppy friends, and keeps watch over her neighborhood, noting everyone’s coming and going. Holly is very affectionate, especially enjoying snuggling with her loved person at night; she still likes to rest her head on your cheek, and look at you with those brown eyes, now happy.


I am micro-chipped, spayed, and current on vaccinations.

You can meet me at my foster mom’s in Wadsworth, IL. I can’t wait to meet you. I have been given a second chance at living a fulfilled life. Could you be my people and the reason I have been given this chance?

If you are interested in adopting me please visit www.istreetdog.com and complete an adoption application. You must be approved for adoption prior to meet and greet.


There are thousands of street dogs in Albania, many of whom were abandoned by their families. Everywhere you look, there are mistreated, poisoned, diseased and malnourished dogs left to die in the streets, or used for dog fighting. The situation is desperate but not widely known because Albania is a small country with little exposure to foreign travelers. The government does not devote resources to spay/neuter or vaccination, so the problem has escalated. The Albanian people, who for decades suffered through oppressive governmental regimes, see the dogs as a nuisance or worse, and abuse is far too common. Although there are volunteers who feed and provide medical care for the dogs there is not enough and the concept of pet ownership is relatively new to most Albanians.

  • Home Town Albania
  • Rescuer Nikki and Mike
  • Arrival Date July 20, 2021