WONDERFUL NEWS …. LAYLA IS HOME AT LAST!!! Layla has found her perfect match … Her very own human and a home to call her own complete with a K-9 brother named Cooper. Today she joined Lora Gilbert of Rockford, IL. Layla has been through a lot in her short life being abducted by dog meat trade smugglers in Thailand, being rescued only to live at overcrowded government shelter…. Until her angel Elfe came to her rescue and brought her to live at her sanctuary on the island Koh Samui where over 600 dogs live. Layla lived at Elfe’s for over a year but wasn’t happy there as she yearned for human attention. Elfe desperately wanted a better life for her and contacted ISDF to find her a home. Luckily today her dreams came true. Lora met Layla at an adoption event yesterday and was immediately drawn to her beauty and after her and Cooper spent time getting to know Layla it wasn’t long before her sweet personality won them over. Lora has a fenced in yard and is looking forward to long walks with Layla and lots of fun times together. Thank you to all who have helped Layla along the way and contributed to her flight cost. Most of all thank you to Lora for opening your heart and home to this sweet girl.

LAYLA (female)is a two year old rescue who is approximately 25 lbs.

Layla is a super sweet girl – very affectionate with people and good with other dogs. She is an adorable petit little girl who looks like a mini german sheppard. She has an inquisitive personality and loves to explore and play. Her favorite thing to do though is sit on someone’s lap and receive affection. She is a pro kisser. She exudes happiness at all times and seems to always have a smile. Her little body shakes when she wags her tail – I call it the Happy Dance. She is crate trained and potty trained. Living in a home is relatively new to her though and so she will need basic obedience and house training. She is a smart girl though and will learn quickly.

Layla has had a rough life so far and has escaped death several times. Fate had other things in store for her ….. as is now in Chicago looking for her forever home. Layla was rescued from the illegal dog meat trade in Thailand and narrowly escaped a brutal death to end up on a dinner table. After her rescue she was taken to a government livestock shelter where most dogs perished within 6 months due to overcrowding and lack of food and medicine. She was extremely lucky AGAIN and received sponsorship to travel to Koh Samui and live at ElfesWorld – a sanctuary where over 600 dogs live. She was safe… and cared for however, she longs for human companionship and is not faring well at the shelter. Some dogs adjust to shelter life and while not ideal are able to live happily. Layla unfortunately is stressed by living with so many dogs and not having much human attention. Thanks to so many wonderful guardian angels in her life her world is about to change! A whole new world filled with love and security awaits her.

I met her a couple months ago at ElfesWorld and instantly fell in love. She is a beauty queen and so affectionate. The joy she expressed from the moment we walked into her shelter run I will never forget. I also will never forget the sadness and desperation that came over her when we left her enclosure. I made a vow to give her a better life.

Are you the reason her life was spared?

If you are interested in adopting Layla, please contact Dawn Trimmel at trimmel@usa.net or 414-426-4148.
  • Hometown Thailand
  • Weight 25 pounds
  • Age 3 years