Hi, my name is Logan. I am a one year old boy rescue from the streets of New Delhi, India. I look like a miniature doberman and weigh just 39 pounds full grown. I am current on vaccinations and neutered. I will be traveling on February 1, 2019 to Chicago to find my forever home and will be fostered in Wadsworth IL upon arrival. I am neutered, micro-chipped and current on vaccinations. Here is my story – thanks for reading about me.

I’m the most fun lovin’ boy you’ll ever meet. I’m a teenager now and I’ve got a lot of energy. But I’m a gentleman all the same. I have very good manners. If I’m not exhibiting them, you can tell me. I was a bit shy at first when they found me but with all the love my rescuers showed me, I am confident and a perfect pet. I love kids, cats and they think I am part fish as I love the water and can swim like a champ.

I’m athletic and elegant just like Le Cadre Noir de Saumur’s horse. My peeps sometimes call me, “The Dancer”.

I’m sweet, playful and loving with
other dogs, cats, other animals. I’m never aggressive. I do well walking on a
leash and I like car trips. I’m a marshmallow.

I like it when you rub my belly and
I’ll let you rub it all you want. I appreciate a good couch but I’ve always
slept on my own bed in the kitchen where I was raised with two other big

My rescuers say that I have excellent manners. I can, “sit”, “come” when called and I understand, “No”!  I have the temperament of an angel.

I always have my doggy friends around
me and I didn’t ever mind sharing the food in my bowl with them. I’m not
selfish and I feel much gratitude! Life is great! I’m exuberant! I’ve come a
long way.

I’ve been told I’m quite handsome. I have a shiny, thick, black coat. I’m ready for a northern winter. I’m ready to find my forever home. I look forward to meeting my new family.

I was rescued at two months old and have been in foster care since with my rescuer Patricia. I have a sister Mindy who came to ISDF a few months back and is now living happily ever after in Chicago. When I was first rescued I was in bad shape and had contracted the Parvo virus. I am lucky to be alive and now that I have survived this virus my immune system is healthier for that. I am a survivor and I believe I survived due to my strong will to live and to find my family. I have a purpose and it’s to give love and make my future family very happy. Could they be you?


Desi (day-see) dogs live on the city and village streets of India, with an estimated 400,000 in the capital Delhi, alone. Also called Indies, Indian Native Dogs, or pariah dogs, these dogs have changed little over thousands of years. Desi dogs are highly intelligent, alert, good-looking, athletic, and full of character. Many urban desi dogs have recent European breed ancestry too, along with sighthound sleekness and speed.

While most street dogs experience indifference at best, some neighbors and business owners look after their community dogs. Delhi’s extreme weather (cold winters, sweltering summers, thick smog, and monsoons), dangerous traffic, disease, human violence, and attacks from other dogs, ensure that most desi puppies die before reaching adulthood. It’s a great irony that increasing numbers of status-conscious Indians are buying expensive and ill-suited foreign breed dogs, while more resilient and regal-looking native Indian dogs often have to travel internationally to find willing adoptive homes. Most of the desi dogs that ISDF places could not survive on Indian streets due to early orphaning or injury or have been rescued from especially threatening situations. Would you like to take me home?

If you are interested in adopting me, please contact Dawn at info@istreetdog.com. You can also find our adoption application here.

  • Hometown New Delhi, India
  • Sex/Age/Weight MALE/1 year/38 pounds
  • Arrival Date February 1, 2019
  • Rescuer Patricia Sueur