Hi My name is Mandu – I am a 10 month old boy rescued from S Korea. My name means dumpling in Korean because it is a national treasure and soon I will be like your dumpling – something you can’t live without and is near and dear to your heart.

I am a beautiful Jindo mix approximately 50 pds who has hypo-allergenic hair and love all people. I am healthy, spayed, current on vaccinations and micro-chipped. Here is my story of survival – thanks for reading. I can’t wait to find my people! I have waited a long time. I arrived into Chicago from S Korea on June 24, 2019.

I was at the
city shelter with my mom.

My mom and I
were stray and someone called the firefighter to catch my mom and send her to
the city shelter along with me.

had to use tranquilizer to catch my mom because she wanted to protect me from
all those people.  She wasn’t sure if
they were trying to help us or hurt us, so she had to put up a fight not to get

But right after we were at the shelter, she passed away from the complication from the tranquilizer.     I did not like that at all. I was very sad and didn’t understand why she had left me.

I was moved
to foster house and met my wonderful foster mom who found my first family.

I was really happy to meet my new family but for a while later, they had to give up of me due to their personal problems. So once again I was moved….

They brought me back to my first foster mom’s house and I was be able to hang out with lot of my fur friends at my foster mom’s house.

But my first family didn’t care for me enough to update my vaccinations after initial 1st round of shots at the shelter.     So I was diagnosed with Parvo Virus. I am learning that people can be cruel. But there are two things about me everyone should know – I am a survivor with a strong will to live and I won’t give up on people as I KNOW there are good people out there and I KNOW that my family is waiting to find me.

My foster mom admitted me to the hospital for my treatment and now I am all healed. In fact, I am stronger because of it because my body built up anti-bodies to fight the infection that make me more resilient and healthier in the long run. I know that it is a very deadly disease but I am a strong dog with a strong will to live and to find my family.

I am a very playful, social and sweet boy who loves to play all the time. I love to play with other dogs, kids, and all people. I gain trust very quickly and will be all tail wags in no time.

I am typical 9 months old boy with level of energy only 9 months old boy can have.

I am
possibly mixed with JinDo and SapSal.

I am
neutered, and vaccinations are up to date.

My fur
colors are mostly white and little bit of cream/ tan color on my back and my

I am looking for a family to love me and spoil me. I don’t ask for a lot and will repay your love and care ten fold. I will be the most obedient and loyal friend you could ask for.

My mom would
be so happy to see me being loved as much as she would have done for me.

Could you be my new family who will play with me and love me?


South Korea has widespread dog meat farming, and approximately 2.5 million dogs are slaughtered and eaten each year as part of Asia’s dog meat trade (DMT). Unregulated “farms” house anywhere from several dozen to 1,000 dogs, crowded into raised wire cages, with no veterinary care, and abysmal sanitation. The brutal torture of dogs as they are slaughtered, in sight of the other dogs, is falsely believed to increase adrenaline in the meat, promoting increased health and virility when consumed. As loving family members, these rescued South Korean puppies will grow up to be ambassadors of the global effort to end the DMT.

South Korea is facing mounting pressure to end dog farming as the 2018 Winter Olympic Games approach, and international NGOs are using financial incentives and education to buy out farmers or facilitate the transition to fruit and vegetable crops. Dog meat is less popular among younger Koreans, and more dogs are being kept as pets, but few South Koreans want medium to large mixed-breed dogs. International adoption is a crucial step towards ending the DMT in South Korea and saving these wonderful dogs.

If you are interested in adopting me, please contact Dawn at info@istreetdog.com. You can also find our adoption application here.

  • Hometown Seoul, S. Korea
  • Rescue Partner Last Chance for Korean Dogs
  • Arrival Date May 24, 2019
  • AGE/sex/weight 9 Months/MALE/50 pounds