GREAT NEWS…. Pari now named Mia is HOME!! People around the world are doing happy dances today for this very sweet girl.

Mia was rescued from the streets of New Delhi India by Jyoti Chawla. She has waited a long time to find her humans but the wait was worth it.

Yesterday she joined Ted and Kelly Thornbury of Lakemoor, IL. It was definitely love at first site. There was so much emotion going on during meet and greet it was really powerful. I had the distinct sense that Mia was connected with her fated family and the joy of having found each other was nothing short of magic and intense. I have no doubt Mia will be loved beyond imagine and both her new family and her will be thankful every day that they have found each other. The fate I wish upon all of our rescues. Ahhhh…… all the work, turmoil, and strife become inconsequential in moments like this and I am recharged to continue our mission.

Thank you to Meredith Allen and Jyoti Chawla for helping Mia along the way and making it possible for her to have this precious new beginning. Most importantly thank you to Ted and Kelly for making Mia’s dreams come true.

You too can save a life……

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Pre-Adoption Post – Pari’s Rescue Story

Have you ever wanted your very own Fairy Godmother?  Well, I can be that special spirit in your life… a Fairy DOGmother!  Woof!  My name is Pari which is a Hindi word that means “fairy.”  I am even tiny like a fairy!  I was rescued in India, and I can’t wait to find my Forever Family in the U.S.  Since I am not a pup anymore, my chances of being adopted in India are slim.

I am a small, two year-old female who was found on the side of a road in New Delhi.  When my rescuer approached me, she could tell that I was friendly… and that I was snuggling two newborn pups.  We were extremely skinny and weak, and I also had a fracture on my hind leg.  I am sad to share with you that my pups did not survive due to their malnourished state.  After some time and wonderful care, I regained my health and was spayed.

Now, my slight limp is the only sign of my early life!  I am a super happy, playful girl and have several doggie friends.  I am excellent with all children, and I enjoy riding in the car.  I am well-behaved in the house, and I am progressing with my leash-walking.  Soon, I will be joining a terrific foster family where I can experience crate-training and practice meeting new dogs.  I am the perfect age for adoption because I don’t do much of that “puppy stuff” anymore, but I can learn so many new things with your guidance.

Thank you for opening your heart and home to a rescued street dog.  I hope to meet you soon.  You will fall in love with me… no fairy dust required!

Desi (day-see) —or Indian— Dogs live on the city and village streets of India.  There are an estimated 260,000 street dogs just in the capital, New Delhi.  Also called Indian Native Dogs or Pariah Dogs, these incredible animals are intelligent, good-looking, athletic, and full of character!  In India, the dogs face extreme temperatures (damp, chilly winters and 115-degree summers), cars and other fast vehicles, disease, monsoons, and violence from people, as well as other street dogs.  Some “community dogs” are sterilized, vaccinated, and fed by volunteers, while most street dogs experience indifferent cultural attitudes and survive on their own efforts and luck.  Litters of pups are often drowned, buried alive, stoned, or removed from their mothers.  Most citizens do not know about dog sterilization and vaccination, and if they do, many cite religious beliefs against spaying/neutering.  In the cities, there is major cultural interest in the “superiority” of “purebreeds.”  Unfortunately, the labs, pugs, Dobermans, St. Bernards, boxers, and German Shepherds are frequently abandoned as many families do not have the funds, space, and knowledge about responsible long-term dog ownership.

You can find our adoption application here.  You must be approved for adoption prior to scheduling meet and greet.



  • Home Town New Delhi, India
  • Rescuer Jyoti Chawla
  • Arrival August 2017