Little Ponchi from Turkey went into a foster to adopt with Shirley Bernstein and her daughter of Springfield, IL.

Shirley has 3 cats and so I think Ponchi will be very happy to have feline companionship again….

Shirley gave me an update that things are going very well so far… Ponchi has stole her heart and she is in love.  They are working on some basic obedience but overall he is very well behaved and is learning quickly!  I think he’ll be officially home soon.. :)

Ponchi’s Story from his rescuer:

Adorable 4 months old pups, Ponchi and Monchi. They were found in Southeast of the forests of Istanbul. They were dropped in the forest without their moms and they had to fight for their lives among hundreds of other dogs. Ponchi is a male puppy, he had an eye injury probably by another dog in the forest, and unfortunately he is half blind but this doesn’t slow him down… 😉

Many forests of Istanbul are filled with unwanted dogs. The city municipals and villages, or brutal breeders drop them when they think the dogs are not sellable. However, Monchi and Ponchi are mutts. Many people and neighborhoods of Istanbul do not want mutts; they consider them dirty; this is coming from the view of Islamic societies that reflect having dogs in their homes is a forbidden action. However, some think buying a pup from a store is a superior way to own a pet. There is no way that we can find Monchi and Ponchi homes in Turkey, there are so many pups that need homes and people still prefer buying from pet shops.

Our aim is to create awareness in Turkey; these dogs are exceptionally obedient and smart, they have Anatolian Shepherd in them, which make them very special dogs.

We can make a strong voice by sharing pictures of these dogs in social media of how they are being treated here in the US with respect and care, which might bring some attention to the young Turkish mind.

Ponchi is 4 months old, all shots complete, but not yet neutered.  He is an active, happy go lucky puppy despite his rough start to life.  He is very smart and is already on the way to good obedience.  However, he will need a family who is willing to invest in training and continue his learning.  Ponchi is well socialized and has a lovely temperament.  He loves people – both adult and kids and is great with cats and other dogs.

Ponchi arrived in Chicago on January 25th.

Please contact Dawn Trimmel at if you are interested in adopting. You can find our adoption application here.

  • hometown Istanbul, Turkey
  • age / weight 4 months / 20 lbs
  • gender male