GREAT NEWS! Spike is officially home with Karen Kochan Kaliski of Antioch, IL! ❤️. Karen has been fostering for the past week and has decided she can’t part with him! Can you blame her? Such a cuddle bug!  Spike now has a K-9 sibling named Chompy and they are becoming pals.

Thanks to Elfesworld Shelter in Koh Sumui, Thailand who rescued and cared for Spike and saved him from the Dog Meat Trade in 2012.  Also a huge thanks to Bitter Brownie for taking Spike’s picture at the government shelter (where most dogs perished within weeks of arrival due to overcrowding and lack of food and medical supplies) in Thailand and to Charlotte Amon who saw his picture and had him removed from the shelter, vetted and flown to Elfes World where Charlotte went on to sponsor his food and vet costs for the past two years.  Spike has had many angels in his life who stepped in just in the nick of time and made it possible for him to finally find his happy ending.  His journey has been long and his life has been filled with much tragedy and hardship.  Luckily thanks to Karen Kaliski, Spike will not have to know fear again and his life will be filled with love and joy from this point on.  He is HOME.

Pre-Adoption Rescue Story

Spike is an adorable 6 year old boy who resembles a corgi.

Spike was rescued from the Dog Meat Trade in Thailand un 2012 and has been at the Elfesworld Shelter in Koh Sumui, Thailand since his rescue.  He is not as lively as his pals Bailey and Kailey and a bit older but he is the sweetest boy and really suffers from being in a shelter for so long and with little attention.  He has been in the shelter for over 3 years. He is a rather quiet boy but the cutest and sweetest ever.

Spike was rescued from the Dog Meat Trade in Thailand in 2012 when the truck the smugglers were transporting him in was pulled over by the Royal Thai Police.  Hundreds of dogs were taken that day to the Khemmerat Government Livestock Shelter in NE Thailand.  This was not really a shelter but a livestock facility with no separations for the dogs – it WAS NOT designed for dogs and the Thai authorities were also not prepared to care for the thousands of dogs that started to pour into their facilities after the Thai government starting cracking down on this barbaric practice.  The government lacked money, time, and know how…. the result a tragedy for the dogs of Thailand.  These dogs who survived the barbaric dog meat trade and were taken to so called safety, sadly most didn’t survive a few weeks there and after 6 months almost all passed.  They died from overcrowding, starvation, dog fights, and disease.  At this time volunteers desperate to help these poor victims would visit to the live stock shelter and take pictures of the dogs arriving and post to social media sites in hopes that some one would see their picture and get them out …. all running against the clock.  Spike was one of these lucky dogs who made it out of Khemmerat.  Charlotte Amon saw his sad face and donated money to have him pulled, medically treated and flown to Koh Samui to go to Elfe’s Shelter. He now lives a good life and has medical and food.  But it is no life for a dog and he is lonely and longs for a family of his own. He has been at the shelter long enough…. now is his time to experience a life fulfilled.

Spike has been at the shelter for such a long time with very little human interaction as Elfe cares for over 600 dogs and although she tries to visit each one every day she has little time to spend much one on one time with each one as there are so many dogs to care for and there is always so much to do!  Elfe is worried about Spike as his will to live seems to be dwindling and he appears to be giving up hope.  He is such a sweet, loving dog that has so much to give a family that she desperately wants to give him that second chance at life.  It would make her so happy to see him live a happy fulfilled life and regain that spark in his eyes.

Some dogs do alright with shelter life and others don’t cope well.  Spike was not intended to live at a shelter and it stresses him out to be surrounded by so many dogs. He yearns for people of his own and a family to belong to.

Spike arrived with Bailey and Kailey on  July 27th and is doing very well.  He is being fostered in Wonder Lake, IL and has taken quickly to life in a home.  We can tell he was someone’s pet before being abducted into the dog meat trade as he has perfect house manners and already knows basic obedience.  He LOVES his people and hanging out by your side.  He would be IDEAL for a family who wanted a low maintenance dog who is looking for a loyal companion.  He could take or leave other dogs but would probably enjoy being the center of someone’s attention as an only dog and people who were home a lot and could give Spike the companionship he yearns for.  He loves to cuddle and will be your little shadow if you let him.  His eyes will never leave you when you are in the room.  He loves to be pet and enjoys watching TV, chewing bones, and spending time in the yard.  He is cage trained.

If you are interested in adopting SPIKE, please contact Dawn at 414-426-4148.  You can find our adoption application here

  • AGE/WEIGHT 6 YRS / 40 pounds
  • gender male