GREAT NEWS…. Miss Tiny, now named Lola is home with Joe Adomaitis of Milwaukee, WI. Lola was rescued from the streets of New Delhi, India.  Joe  has been fostering Lola for the past 12 days and has fallen in love.  Joe lost his dog named Angel a couple months ago and three other dogs within the last 2 years, all from old age and all lived over 14 years.  Joe missed the companionship of his fur kids and the house seemed quiet without the pitter patter of K-9’s.  Joe was amazed at the energy that Lola had and was reminded of the work that a young dog brings.  However, it didn’t take long for Lola to capture his heart and he feels that little Lola has energized him and brought so much joy and entertainment into his life.  Lola could not have found a better home.  Maybe she’ll get a K-9 sibling soon… :)  Angel, Tiki, Shady Lady, and Grace were also ISDF’s Founder’s dogs, and were all former street dogs – they will live on and be honored through the lives of new rescues who will live on in their place.  That’s what they would have wanted. 

Thank you to Isobel Grant and Aarti Bhardwaj for rescuing Lola and her siblings so they could go on to find their happiness.

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Tiny was rescued with her siblings Star and Twinkle from the harsh streets of New Delhi, India.

Tiny was named aptly as she is the tiniest of her siblings.  She is approximately 20 pounds and probably will not grow much more.  Possibly being 30 pounds when full grown.  She has a beautiful jack Russell terrier coloring with distinctive white, black and brown coloring.  She really is too cute for her own good.  Tiny likes to play with the other foster dogs and has good energy.  However like most pups she plays hard and then is ready for nap every hour or so.  Tiny has excellent home manners, is potty trained, and cage trained.  She loves to be held and is very social with new people and other dogs.

Here is Tiny and her siblings rescue story written by their rescuer Isobel Grant………….

On Saturday 28 May, as I was leaving my flat for the airport, I received a call from my friend Preeti.  Preeti had spotted three small puppies in the colony, near her lane, wandering around.  Luckily, Arti was in the colony that morning picking up an injured dog for some friends and they were able to connect.

Both asked around and spoke to a guard and no mother could be traced.  According to the guard, they had appeared the day before but he wasn’t sure where they had appeared from.  Preeti and Arti sent me some photos and I requested Arti to pick them up and look after them whilst I try and arrange foster care.  Preeti and Arti thought they were around 4 weeks old. They were being fostered by Arti’s mother but have now moved to the foster home of Sonia Heller.

These three precious puppies arrived into Chicago from India on September 15, 2016 in hopes of finding their forever homes.  Unfortunately they have little to no chance of adoption in India as street dogs are deemed “not pet worthy” rather they are commonly viewed as nuisances and are often abused or worse poisoned or otherwise killed.  The odds of them surviving puppyhood on the streets are very slim as well as most meet their death by oncoming traffic, disease or starvation as they are too young to know the dangers and haven’t honed their survival instincts.  Quite simply they are too innocent and trusting to survive the harsh streets.   So these three are very lucky to be given this chance of a new start and to find happiness with a family.   Tiny and Twinkle radiate love and are an absolute joy to be around… they bring moments of tenderness and unblemished love and innocence one moment and then they have you laughing the next as they pounce on a toy or perform some other trick for you… 😉  Tiny is so well behaved she has a habit of following her human and then when you stop sitting by your feet patiently looking up at you in hopes of your acknowledgement which is usually short to follow “good girl” with a little pet to the head.

If you are interested in adopting please contact Dawn at 414-426-4148.  You can find our adoption application here.

Age – approx. 6 months

Weight – 20 pounds, likely to be around 30 pounds when full grown

Vaccinated – yes


Home town: New Delhi, India


  • Hometown New Delhi, India
  • age / weight 4 months / 17 lbs
  • gender female