Hi my name is Tommy. I am a 3 year old boy rescued from the streets of Armenia.

I am a sweet boy who loves all people, other dogs, and even cats!

I had owners once but they abandoned me and I desperately miss having my own family.

I am very smart and hope to impress you with my ability to learn your house rules quickly. I walk well on a leash and am cage trained.

I am current on vaccinations, neutered, and micro-chipped.


Armenia is a country in the South Caucasus region of Eurasia. The country has many things to be proud of, however stray dogs are one of the weakest points of Armenia. Unfortunately, killing is the main method of controlling the number of stray dogs instead of  sterilizing them as should be done. To show how cruel is the situation, from 2015-2017 only in one of the small cities in Armenia 275 dogs were killed.  There is no law regulating how animals should be treated, only a few separate articles in different codes, like the Code of Administrative Offenses. Well, in most of the parks it is even prohibited to walk the dogs. Hopefully the current government will try to change the situation, however change happens slowly and until that time comes, many thousands of Armenian dogs will be killed and continue to suffer on the streets.

There is a company, which was awarded a government contract to solve the stray dog problem.  The Yerevan Municipality continues to pay the same company millions to take care of stray dogs in the Armenian capital. However, nothing changes. Animal rights activists in Armenia have long claimed that the company who was awarded the contract isn’t doing its job properly and that the municipality continues to squander taxpayer money by awarding contracts to Unigraf-X.

If you are interested in adopting me please visit www.istreetdog.com and complete an adoption application.

  • Home Country Armenia
  • Age/Weight 3 years/ 45 pounds
  • MALE
  • Rescue Partner International Faithful Hearts (Ruzik)