5 Ways to Help Your Dog Live a Longer, Happier Life

5 Ways to Help Your Dog Live a Longer, Happier Life

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Pet parents relied on their dogs for
friendship, love, and protection. They have been with us for so long that you
absolutely love them and cherish every moment with them.

We wish that they can live forever, but they

But we can add some extra years by providing a
happy and healthy life for Fido. These inspirations can hopefully give you more
time with Fido.

Give Him Regular Exercise

Just like their pet parent, Fido needs regular
exercise from evening walks to a game of fetch. Along with the balanced,
nutritious meals, you will enjoy a healthy canine for years to come.

Obesity will catch with your canine without
regular exercise and will make him prone to behavioral issues like barking,
digging, or chewing. Regular exercise will stop these issues, and also Fido
will burn those excess calories for healthy aging and improve his social

Release him from boredom, stress, and anxiety
and make Fido a happy dog with regular exercise.

If your senior dog has mobility problems,
consult a canine rehabilitation specialist before the
dog walk. A therapy plan will be drawn out and implemented to improve the
movement of your canine and reduce pain.

Watch His Diet

Health is wealth, and everything starts with
the diet of your furry friend. Feed them smartly with food that has the right balance of nutrients. Their meals should
have a mix of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and lots of
water daily to perform naturally.

Each nutrient in Fido’s food has a purpose.
With insufficient nutrients, your canine will have difficulty flexing his
muscles; build and repair teeth and bones; fight infection and perform a normal
routine. Proteins give vitality and support muscle function and development. And fats give
energy, help the mind function properly, and the skin and coat glossy and

But before any changes consult your vet, they
will select the best food based on Fido’s age, size, weight, and overall
health. Feeding your canine with a quality diet can add healthy years.

Visit Your Veterinary More Often

As Fido ages, he needs more vet visits for
check-ups, at least twice a year for seniors, even if they look healthy.
Prevention is better than cure; the routine physical test and diagnostics will
be applied to determine the health condition. Potential problems will be
identified and treated before it becomes serious, keeping Fido in tip-top

From food to care and anything in between,
your vet knows best to keep him as healthy as possible.

Brush their teeth daily to keep those pearly
whites clean. Fido is a reflection of you, if they have dental problems it is
on you. Imagine if the bacteria and germs are not removed, these will go
directly to the body. This will lead to health problems such as inflammation,
the danger of heart illness, and signs of diabetes, pain, diseased gums and

Dogs Love Toys

Dogs are fun-loving creatures they just love
to play. These are happy moments that pet parents cherish, sadly you can’t be
with Fido all the time. But, you can leave dog toys behind for your canine to
play with and keep him occupied.

Each toy serves a different purpose based on
the need of your dog, here are some:

  • Teething puppies and destructive
    chewers meet their match with chew toys.
  • Activity toys like a ball or a
    Frisbee for hyperactive dogs.
  • Keep the mind busy with
    educational toys.
  • Toys with a strong scent or emits
    sound for dogs impaired with smell or vision.
  • Rotating toys to animate bored

Do Dogs Need Dog Buddies?

Similar to humans “No dog is an island” and
they are social creatures who love to hang around with their dog buddies.

Before they were domesticated they ran in the
wild in packs and were used to interact with other dogs and animals. Usually,
they will try to get free when they see another dog or they will keep on

Being around their fellow canine will teach
them how to socialize which will help with their
behavioral issues
. A happy dog could add healthier years to their

However, there are exceptions some do not like to sniff-and-greet other dogs. There are consequences if you push them such as a dog fight, growls, increased stress or aloofness. In this case, do not force the issue, give it some time until he gets accustomed.

Author Bio:  John Green has profound experience in the veterinary field with years of experience. Now he handles content at Pet Health Hospital.  In fact, John pays close attention to sharing vital information about pets to most pet parents across the United States. Certainly, John loves and cherishes animals, and owns two dogs Marty and Lou.