Death Sentence issued for strays of Kerala State in Southern India

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Now is the time for #doglovers to unite to have our voices heard and put international pressure on the government of the Kerala State in southern India. Kerala authorities have announced their intention to rid Kerala of all “troublesome” strays in the Kerala state. They have started brutally killing the strays through horrendous acts of torture. Their plan to help clean up the city and boost tourism may backfire as people around the world are calling to boycott Kerala – a well visited tourist city – until the killing stops. Hitting home where it hurts the most – their tourism revenue.

Protests have been springing up around India, including a recent rally in Central Delhi where over 100 participants gathered to speak out against the brutal killing and a call to action to boycott the state of Kerala until the killing stops. Among the protesters was ISDF’s very own Isobel Grant who was in the forefront of the protest and proudly wearing her ISDF T-shirt. You too can help put pressure on the government of India by signing one of the many petitions on the internet. Click here to add your voice to this worthy movement. The voiceless dogs of Kerala State are counting on you. #killingofstraysKeralaState, #savethestreetdogs, #ISDF, #boycottKeralaState