Dogs on the Go Assistance Dogs

Dogs on the Go Assistance Dogs

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Most of you know how therapeutic dogs are …. they reduce stress, make us laugh and provide loving companionship. This in turn reduces our stress and extends our lives. Many ISDF dogs have been adopted to be Therapy Dogs and go everywhere with their adopter.

I had the pleasure recently to meet Anna, one of the founders of Dogs On the Go Assistance Dogs which is a 501(c) 3 located in the Chicago area. This organization was formed to help people with hearing disabilities connect with dogs that are trained to assist them.

Anna is not only one of the Founders but she actively works with and trains dogs for this program. I have the utmost respect for her and her mission. She is living her passion and giving back in ways that have immense impact not only on the humans she helps but the dogs that live with these people.

ISDF may partner with Anna in the future to put a couple of our rescues through this program. We are in the early phases of our talks but I am looking forward to our partnership.