Have you ever thought about DNA testing your dog?

Have you ever thought about DNA testing your dog?

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For all of ISDF street dog rescues and dogs from most shelters….. the breed of the dog is unknown as often times the history, specifically the mother and father of the dog are unknown.  And in our case, even if we know who the father or mother is we don’t know their breeds.  Therefore it’s always a “guess”.  ISDF tries to guess based on appearance based on the dog’s physical characteristics however, it is a “guess”.

In most cases street dogs are a mix a many breeds.  In some cases popular breeds show up in their DNA which is usually the result of someone adopting a “pure breed” and then later abandoning it to the streets where the dog bred with other street dogs.  In many cases the DNA testing will reflect ancient breeds known to the part of the world the dog came from.    There has even been much talk of creating a new breed for “street dogs” as some theorize that the street dog has evolved over time into their own breed which give them the characteristics needed for survival on the street.  These characteristics tend to be athletic build, raised ears, and a narrow long snout which enable them to run fast and to hear and smell very well.

Regardless of the outcome, it is ALWAYS interesting.  While there are mixed reviews as to how accurate the testing is it can be a fun exercise.  There are many companies that will provide you results of your dog’s DNA and they range from very thorough (and very expensive) to more narrow of a breed pool comparison (very cheap).   Here is the link to a DNA test from Cornell University where they have analyzed data from “village dogs” around the world and are thought to have the most comprehensive DNA database.  They also will test for disease and other health factors.  Here is the link to the Wisdom Panel Company which will test your dog’s DNA for $85 and is known to be very reputable with good results.  They also offer health screening.

So if you can afford it DNA testing not only can be fun but can help you identify lurking medical concerns.  If you do test any ISDF rescues please make sure to share the results on our Face Book Page “To Love a Street Dog”

Have fun!