Inspiration from a 12 year old

Inspiration from a 12 year old

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Introducing Kat Nagler.  She is a 12 year old girl from Indiana whose family recently adopted Pixie, one of ISDF’s rescues from Thailand.  This week we received one of the most heart felt and touching donations we have ever received.  One that makes you stop and pause to think about the meaning behind “the donation”.  Kat said that she wants to help street dogs.  She received money from her grandma for gymnastics camp and she decided I would rather donate it. (note pictured below).  After talking with her mom, her mom, Michelle, said she was unaware that Kat had done this and that she wrote the note and mailed the money completely on her own.

A special donation in deed, one that has to be put to good use and one that “pays it forward” and hopefully inspires other.  After careful thought, ISDF has decided to use it to buy 3 $25 PetSmart gift certificates that will go to the next 3 adopters to help make their new dogs transition into their forever home “special”.  We will encourage the new adopters to use it to buy toys, treats, or bones.  Things that will make the “welcome home” a joyful time and help ease their stress of all the change.

Kat, you are a special girl, one that is an inspiration to all.  It’s because of people like you that make this world a better place.  I am thankful and grateful to know you and so happy that the “dogs in need” have people like you in court that care and want to help.  I have no doubt this is the beginning of a life time of compassion and that you will go on to touch many people and dogs in your lifetime.

A very heartfelt – THANK YOU – from the rescues of ISDF.