Introducing Jalan – A “wadi” street dog from Oman

Introducing Jalan – A “wadi” street dog from Oman

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ISDF is thrilled to announce that we are partnering with a rescuer in Oman to help rehome a “wadi” street dog named Jalan.  Heather Drake contacted ISDF a few weeks ago – it was a desperate plea to help a street dog who had captured her heart and touched her deep in her soul.

This dog has now been given a name “Jalan” which is the name of a town in Oman near the desert – which represents the beauty and splendor of times past with ancient watchtowers and fortresses.  Jalan represents hope in dusting off the past and renewing the splendor that lies beneath.  Very fitting as in just the past month Jalan has many reasons to be hopeful of great things to come.  He has started training and socialization classes with other dogs and humans and his quirky, loving personality is starting to shine through.  He changing quickly…. as is the case with most street dogs if given the chance.  It is my belief that dogs are the most resilient, adaptive creatures on earth.  The sad truth is though that most street dogs never have this chance – the chance to lead a fulfilled life in a loving home.

Jalan will be given this chance in December thanks to Heather Drake who came to Jalan’s rescue and is moving mountains to give Jalan the chance of a life reborn.

Oman is a country is an Arab country in the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula.  It is filled with wonderful national treasures, vivid landscapes….. and thousands of “wadi” street dogs.  These wadi dogs can be seen virtually everywhere.  Unfortunately, they face the same plight as many Muslim countries where dogs are generally viewed as unclean and not fit to be pets.  Dog ownership is rare and when they are owned they are usually not allowed in the house and are more often viewed as guard dogs left to roam the outside vicinity of the home.  The government doesn’t have humane animal welfare laws and worse yet police are given open rights to shoot “any and all” wadi dogs.  They don’t have to be a nuisance – they will be killed just for having the unfortunate luck of being born on the streets in Oman.  It is common practice and worse yet many are not killed instantly but suffer the slow painful death caused by festering gunshot wounds.

Luckily Jalan will not face this fate.  Thanks to his guardian angel Heather Drake who is an expat who has lived in Oman for the last 6 years.  In her words from her initial email to ISDF –  “Recently a stray ‘wadi’ puppy showed up in our compound.  He’s a sweet, loving boy who is excited and wiggly and constantly wagging his tail.”  Many tail wags await him in his future!

Jalan is approximately 11 months old and 32 pounds. He will be traveling to Chicago in December to find his forever home and we can’t wait to welcome this sweet deserving boy to the USA!