GREAT NEWS…. Britain is HOME. Britain was found in a dumpster in New Delhi, India with a leg cut off. He was left for dead – but then Premlata Choudharycame to his rescue and saved him. Then he came down with Parvo – but he survived again. He is a fighter and date had better things in store for him.

He was adopted by Connor See and his fiancé of Wauconda, IL. Connor is a Special Ed teacher and he was drawn to Britain’s sad story. He wants to offer him a loving home and never have him suffer again. From now on he will only know Love. The way it should be.

You too can save a life.

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Pre-Adoption Post

Hi My name is Britain.  I am a 3 and a half month old boy who was born in New Delhi, India. I have had a rough start to life…. shortly after birth someone threw me in a garbage dump after chopping of my leg.  Yes it was horrific and I don’t know why this person did this to me.  I thought that was it and life was over.

And then I was rescued. My wound was full of maggots and I was on the brink of death.  My rescuer/foster mom in New Delhi is the kind woman on the photo.  The kind woman took me to a vet – luckily this vet was Dr. Premlata Choudhary – one of the most compassionate street dog rescuers in India.  She took care of my medical treatment and my leg was amputated.  I began to feel better and even found that there was joy in life.  I felt the kindness of humans for the first time in my life.  My foster mom was very nice to me – things began looking up and then cruel fate intervened AGAIN.  I became infected with the parvo virus and became very ill again. After a long treatment I am 100% recovered and ready to put the bad events behind me.   Despite so much suffering I am a very brave boy with lots of love to give.  I love to play tug of war and sleep on warm comfy beds.  After all I am grateful just to be alive so the simplest of things make me happy!  I am not hampered by my lack of one leg  – I can still jump and run and do all the things that I used to do. I will be around 30 pounds when full grown.

I arrive into Chicago on December 27, 2017 and am looking for my forever home.

You can find ISDF’s adoption application here.  Please call Dawn at 414-426-4148 if you are interested in adopting.

Desi (day-see) dogs live on the city and village streets of India, with an estimated 400,000 in the capital Delhi, alone. Also called Indian Native Dogs or Pariah Dogs, these dogs have changed very little over thousands of years. Desi dogs are highly intelligent, alert, good-looking, athletic, and full of character. Many urban Desi dogs have recent European breed ancestry too, along with sighthound sleekness and speed.

With the extreme weather (damp, chilly winters, 115-degree summers, and monsoons), dangerous traffic, disease, human violence, and attacks from other dogs, most Desi puppies never make it to adulthood. Lack of awareness and cultural opposition to spaying and neutering continues the cycle of suffering. While most street dogs experience indifference and neglect at best, some neighbors and business owners look after their “community dogs,” and volunteer animal advocates and NGOs work to feed, vaccinate, and sterilize street dogs, and to find adoptive homes for dogs in particular need. Few Indians see Desi dogs as suitable pets, however, instead buying expensive and ill-suited European purebred dogs as status symbols, only to abandon them soon after, unprepared for the demands of dog ownership. It’s a great irony that more resilient and regal-looking native Indian dogs often have to travel internationally to find loving homes. Most of the Desi dogs that ISDF places could not survive on Indian streets due to early orphaning or injury, or have been rescued from especially threatening situations.

  • Weight/full grown 12 pounds/30 pounds
  • Home Country India