GREAT NEWS….. Sweety is HOME!! Sweety was rescued from the streets of New Delhi, India.

Today she joined Graciela and Allen Ebert and their daughter Lorena of Glendale, WI.

The Eberts were waiting a long time to add a 4 legged friend to their family. They wanted a low maintenance dog that would be loyal friend and companion. One that had a lot of love to give and receive. Sweety!!

Sweety waited a long time to find her happiness but the wait was worth it. She finally found her family … her place in this world. A family that will love and cherish her always.

Thank you to Isobel Grant, Aarti Bhardwaj, andPremlata Choudhary for working so hard to ensure Sweety’s well being, safety, and the chance for a better future.

Most importantly thank you to the Eberts for making Sweetys dreams come true.

You too can save a life.


The definition of “sweet” is being delightful or pleasing and since those words describe me, my name is “Sweety.”  I’m a calm and gentle soul whose life completely changed this past January. These beautiful humans found me on the streets of India and took me to a place called Happy Paws Medicare Boarding.  I was so thankful because I had this lump on my neck that was becoming quite a nuisance.  But Dr. Choudhary removed that lump and now I’m good as new.  You can see in my pictures that you can’t even tell it was ever there, I just have a little bit of extra skin as a souvenir.

After I recovered from my surgery the humans at Happy Paws Medicare Boarding thought they would release me.  But not so fast…I kept coming back to them, so they soon realized that I didn’t want to go back to my old life, but to start a new one.

Since I have been at my new foster home in Wadsworth, IL I have really been living up to my name.  I’m calm and gentle with kids.   I have flourished into a confident, happy, and gentle girl.  I love all people especially kids.  Really anyone whose willing to pet me will be my best friend.

Because I’m so cute and sweet I’m hoping I can find a good home in the United States.  Thanks to Happy Paws I’m now a healthy two year old girl with plenty of life left to live.  I’d be happy if this new family included adults or children, and other dogs.  Due to my “sweet” nature I would do good in most any home.  Because of my calm temperament and excellent house manners I would also do well in an apartment.  I will be your loyal companion, snuggle buddy and only need a moderate amount of exercise. I hope I’m the right fit for you!   Love, Sweety.

Desi (day-see) —or Indian— Dogs live on the city and village streets of India.  There are an estimated 260,000 street dogs just in the capital, New Delhi.  Also called Indian Native Dogs or Pariah Dogs, these incredible animals are intelligent, good-looking, athletic, and full of character!  In India, the dogs face extreme temperatures (damp, chilly winters and 115-degree summers), cars and other fast vehicles, disease, monsoons, and violence from people, as well as other street dogs.  Some “community dogs” are sterilized, vaccinated, and fed by volunteers, while most street dogs experience indifferent cultural attitudes and survive on their own efforts and luck.  Litters of pups are often drowned, buried alive, stoned, or removed from their mothers.  Most citizens do not know about dog sterilization and vaccination, and if they do, many cite religious beliefs against spaying/neutering.  In the cities, there is major cultural interest in the “superiority” of “purebreeds.”  Unfortunately, the labs, pugs, Dobermans, St. Bernards, boxers, and German Shepherds are frequently abandoned as many families do not have the funds, space, and knowledge about responsible long-term dog ownership.


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If you are interested in adopting SWEETY, please contact Dawn Trimmel at You can also find our adoption application here.

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Rescue Partner: Premlata Choudhary

Age and Weight:   2 yrs  / 34 pounds