GREAT NEWS….Diva is HOME!!! Diva joined Rhonda Egidio of Kalamazoo Michigan yesterday.

A better home could not have been found. Rhonda drove 4 hours to come and get Diva. It was love at first sight. Rhonda knew that Diva was the one for her before even meeting her. Diva reminded her of previous dogs she had owned and loved…and she saw through Diva’s eyes the wise and loving dog that she was. The eyes are after all the gateway to the soul. Diva knew as well and laid by Rhonda’s feet while we talked. Gladly rolling on to her back for belly rubs when the opportunity presented itself.

Thank you to Azza and Yasmine Malllk of Yasmine Azaiez Animal Rescue for rescuing this sweet girl and working so hard to give her a better life!!

Most importantly thank you to Rhonda for making Diva’s dreams come true!

You too can save a life ..

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Diva is a rescue from the streets of Tunisia.  She will be arriving this Tuesday into Chicago to find her forever home.

She is a lovely girl whose name fits her!  She is gentle and loving and well behaved. She is social and gets along with everyone she meets.  She enjoys playing with other dogs and giving and receiving affection from her humans.

She was found in poor condition digging through garbage for substance.  She was skin and bones and malnourished.  However she has fully recovered and is a healthy happy girl now.  She has been at a shelter for over a year though and longs for a home of her own.  She is one of the lucky few who will be given this opportunity in her country.  If it weren’t for overseas adoption she would live out her life at the shelter and languish.

She is a gem!

She is approximately 2 years old and weighs 40 pounds.  She is current on vaccinations, spayed, and microchipped.  Diva arrives into Chicago from Tunisia on July 19th.  We can’t wait to welcome this sweet girl.

You can find our adoption application here.  If you are interested in adopting please contact Dawn Trimmel at 414-426-4148.

  • Rescue Partner Azza Mallick