GREAT NEWS…. Madison is HOME!! Madison is a rescue from the streets of New Delhi, India. Yesterday she joined Nick Southall and Gabby of Chicago, IL.

Nick and Gabby were so excited to meet Madison. Madison went right up to them tail wagging and gave Nick her paw as if to say “Nice to meet you. I am so glad you finally found me”. Yup that sealed the deal.

They both have flexible schedules and are looking forward to lots of cuddle time and fun new adventures with Madison. They are both very committed to continuing her training and providing an environment she can flourish in.

A wonderful life ahead… thanks largely to Patricia Sueur and Premlata Choudhary in New Delhi for making saving her life and giving her this wonderful opportunity. Most importantly thank you to Nick and Gabby for making Madison’s dreams come true.

You too can save a life.

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Pre-Adoption Rescue Story

Hi my name is Madison.  I was born in New Delhi, India and have been on a remarkable journey since….  Filled with many ups and downs and the journey continues as I am embarking on a very big trip to Chicago.  I am a 9 month old girl, who is spayed, micro-chipped and current on vaccinations.

Life on the street was filled with much hardship and everyday was a struggle and fear ruled my days.  But that all changed in September 2017 when a kind man named Roberto found me in the stairs of a building in a business center in Gurgaon.  I had snuck in when a door was opened.   When I saw Roberto I ran and hid and he reported the sighting to some other dog lovers.  After two weeks some other dog lovers in Gurgaon, named Nitin and Shubba came out and talked kindly to me and offered me delicious treats.  I felt I could trust them and that was a good judgment call because they took me with them and since them life has been grand.  I was placed into foster care with this amazing woman named Patricia who lives with several other dogs and even cats!  She is always kind and gives us yummy food everyday.

I learned that humans can be good.  I now love people, other dogs and even cats!  My tail is always wagging.  I once had a family before this as a very young pup but my memories are vague and well it was short lived as my family abandoned me but  that is a distant memory now.  I am a gentle and inquisitive dog with a lot of love to give.  I love sofas, car trips and playing with other dogs.  I have perfect house manners and am fully potty trained and walk well on a leash.  Just give me a chance and you will see what a loyal and loving companion I can be.  Could you be the family that I have been searching for?

Arrived: December 27, 2017

Weight: 35 pounds

Home Country:  India

You can find ISDF’s adoption application here.  Please call Dawn at 414-426-4148 if you are interested in adopting.

Desi (day-see) dogs live on the city and village streets of India, with an estimated 400,000 in the capital Delhi, alone. Also called Indian Native Dogs or Pariah Dogs, these dogs have changed very little over thousands of years. Desi dogs are highly intelligent, alert, good-looking, athletic, and full of character. Many urban Desi dogs have recent European breed ancestry too, along with sighthound sleekness and speed.

With the extreme weather (damp, chilly winters, 115-degree summers, and monsoons), dangerous traffic, disease, human violence, and attacks from other dogs, most Desi puppies never make it to adulthood. Lack of awareness and cultural opposition to spaying and neutering continues the cycle of suffering. While most street dogs experience indifference and neglect at best, some neighbors and business owners look after their “community dogs,” and volunteer animal advocates and NGOs work to feed, vaccinate, and sterilize street dogs, and to find adoptive homes for dogs in particular need. Few Indians see Desi dogs as suitable pets, however, instead buying expensive and ill-suited European purebred dogs as status symbols, only to abandon them soon after, unprepared for the demands of dog ownership. It’s a great irony that more resilient and regal-looking native Indian dogs often have to travel internationally to find loving homes. Most of the Desi dogs that ISDF places could not survive on Indian streets due to early orphaning or injury, or have been rescued from especially threatening situations.