Whimpy is now Yasmin and is settling into her forever home since her arrival yesterday afternoon!

Goodbyes are admittedly always tough for our little family, but NOTHING compares to the amazing silver lining of knowing that our sweet foster girl is where she was always meant to be, at last!  Our hearts are SO full…truly, they could not be any fuller right now.

For Yasmin’s whole adoption story, and many more photos, please have a look at https://istreetdog.com/portfolio/whimpy/

Thank you to all of you for following our foster baby’s story as she journeyed all the way here and waited over four weeks for the perfect family to come find her.


Pre-Adoption Post

I am a sweet and affectionate street dog gal who is generally calm and relaxed. However, during 2014’s Diwali festival, one year after my arrival in ISDF rescue partner Yoav’s New Delhi neighborhood, I bolted in fear from fireworks and was lucky to be found a few days later.

This past November, I had an even closer call. It was only thanks to a true miracle and utter luck of the draw – happenstance, chance, and the best of good fortune – that I was reunited with my rescuer Yoav, over ten days after the 2015 Diwali celebrations began, and over six miles from home – lost, hungry, desperate, and without hope. I still can’t believe we were reunited!! You can read my full story here – it is truly incredible!

Because I have always been so gentle, loving with people, friendly with other dogs, curious, adaptive, and open-minded about new experiences, Yoav dreamed of a forever home for me. He also feared 2106 Diwali, knowing that odds are, my luck has run out in that department.

I arrived in the USA with perfect timing: one day before Valentine’s Day. How fitting, as I am an absolute LOVE! A few people showed interest in me, but no one seemed particularly taken. In the blink of an eye, almost three weeks had passed and – not a single serious interest in me?? My foster family wondered how this could be – they tell everyone that I am about as close to perfect in dogdom as it gets! * blush *

They had their answer at last when my foster mom received a phone call from a wonderful, loving, patient, compassionate, experienced desi dog owner over one week ago.
Grace Morgan of Maryland actually KNEW my rescuer, Yoav, from her time in New Delhi – they are friends! She adopted her own desi baby and brought her home to the USA after her stay in India came to an end two years ago.

Grace and my foster mom talked many many times over the following days, exchanging emails as well, and photos. They both know that the best things in life take time…you can’t rush these things, sometimes.

After much discussion and consideration on Grace’s part – always keeping the needs of her desi girl Raja and my needs at the forefront of her thought process – Grace and her family decided that I was destined to join their family. Oh, what a happy day!! My foster mom tucked me in one night, and she and my human foster brother read me a bedtime story – part of our nightly routine. My foster brother was excited and kept hugging me. He chose a funny folk tale from India about Wali Dad and his silly gifts.

After the story, my foster mom wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big hug and planted many kisses on my head. Then she told me the news – I was going to fly THE VERY NEXT DAY to Grace, my new mom…and meet Raja, my new doggie sister, and my human sister Caroline was even coming to stay for a week to meet me and help me adjust to my new home! WOW – no wonder my human foster brother had been so busy, drawing pictures all over my travel crate that afternoon.

I arrived – calm and clear-eyed and tail wagging, as ever – yesterday afternoon, fresh off my short flight and ready to meet my new world with my ever-present optimism and good cheer. I am doing beautifully so far! My mom has set up a special Indian woven straw cot-bed for me with my tiger-striped blankie, which has traveled with me from New Delhi to Chicago and finally here to my forever home with me. I have loved meeting my new family and settling in to my picture perfect home. My new family has been taking me and my sister for long walks through the picturesque woods and trails that are actually my – get this! – new backyard! Can you believe it??

Dreams really do come true…even for me, the whimper-singing little Diwali doggie who once called the streets of Delhi home.

Thank you for following my story and keeping me in your hearts!
It took over four weeks of being here in the USA but now we know the wait was because all of this – my perfect new family and home – were destined to be!

Lots of love to all of you, and thanks again,

  • Hometown New Delhi, INDIA
  • Age/Weight 4 yrs/43 lbs
  • Gender Female spayed
  • Rescuer Yo'av Karny