Tragedy in Kosovo  – help stop the senseless killing of street dogs!

Tragedy in Kosovo – help stop the senseless killing of street dogs!

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Just last year 831 stray dogs were killed in Prizren by veterinarians, and in many other Kosovarian towns and villages stray dogs were and are decimated in a cruel way silently. Recently, we were informed that the Mayor Sokol Bashota ordered the shooting of all stray dogs in Klina by the Hunter Society Dukagjini.

Most dogs are not aggressive and live out their lives in relative peace with their human neighbors.
The real problem with the dogs is the high birth rates which reproduce up to 10-14 puppies a year. The problem multiplies, but the shooting of stray dogs traumatizes the citizens and sends the wrong message to the youth in Kosovo. Scientifically proven is the fact, that the only way to manage stray dog population is CNVR (Catch, neuter, vaccinate, release). 460 dogs are already killed in Klina, 290 stray dogs will be killed in the next few days, if there is no international support against this practice.

We ask the government of Kosovo and their Prime Minister Isa Mustafa or President Hashim Thaçi to stop the barbaric shooting of dogs immediately. If Kosovo wants to develop into a thriving economy and enjoy full EU membership it must stop killing dogs and implement effective humane stray dog control. Please click here to sign this petition as soon as possible to stop dog shootings in Kosovo!   The dogs of Kosovo need you to be their voice.