Spot Light on Al-Rahmeh for Animals Shelter in Amman Jordan

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So many wonderful dogs cared for by such dedicated and compassionate rescuers. Castella, Dune, Marley, and Biscuit will be traveling to Chicago with Juanita Quintero and Dawn Trimmel to find their forever homes.

We met so many wonderful dogs and people today. Street Dogs in the country of Jordan have a rough existence. You don’t see many on the streets as local police have the charge to shoot and kill any dogs reported as nuisances in the country. Unfortunately locals call the police all the time to report stray dog nuisances even if the dogs are friendly and just trying to survive. When the police show up they shoot the dogs and often the gunshot blows are not fatal and they are left to die a slow and agonizing death. The people that love and care for these dogs face heartbreak constantly and have a tough battle to fight. It is a country of great hospitality and beautiful scenery but it is common place for the dogs to be shunned, abused and killed. Kids are often seen abusing the dogs and injuring often fatally for fun or sport.

I recently had a discussion with a government high ranking official who explained that the dogs are dangerous and need to be killed. They don’t get it and until they do the dogs will face a tough existence if they have the bad fortune to be born in Jordan. The men and women who help them are saints and warriors and need our support.

The “Al-Rahmeh for Animals Shelter” in Amman Jordan is one such place. The rescue is run by wonderful people who sacrifice all to care for these dogs against all odds and great hardship and sacrifice. Here is a glimpse of the many wonderful dogs in their care.