Spot light on Bodhi Rescue… Phuket, Thailand

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Tina Marie works tirelessly to save the street dogs of Phuket. Tina is originally from Australia and when she moved to Phuket she became aware of the massive suffering of the street dogs. She started to help the dogs in need by feeding them and providing medical assistance. This passion has led to a full-time around the clock rescue mission for her. She now cares for over 100 street dogs at the Pakhlok Temple in Phuket. She adminsters medical treatments, feeds, heals, and rehomes the most needy of the street dogs…. dogs that have been tortured, abandoned or simply neglected. Dogs that would have a slim chance of surviving on the streets. In addition to the dogs she cares for at her shelter she routinely visits the dogs still on the street to spay and nueter, provide medical care and feed them. Tina does this with very little outside help. It never fails to amaze me how much is possible to accomplish with passion and dedication. Thankfully there are selfless caring people like Tina out there. To help Tina in her mission please consider donating at