Tara has mobility again.  Small acts of kindness matter.

Tara has mobility again. Small acts of kindness matter.

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Tara is a rescue from New Delhi, India who is just a young pup. A young pup who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. As so often happens dogs are hit by passing cars in India and many places around the world. India is no exception. The gridlock traffic which exists in all the major cities create formulas for disaster. Dogs longing in the street unaware of the danger, puppies following their siblings or parents or crossing a street in search or plain curiosity. Such is the tragedies that occur ever day in many countries.

The bottom line is it is hard to be a dog born on the streets. Each dog that has a loving and responsible beyond measure.

This week I was reminded of the difference all of us can make. I saw a video of a woman covering a street dog with a blanket to keep it warm from the cold temperatures. We are all capable of making a difference. It’s common to think that your actions don’t matter and that the situation is too sad and prolific to make an impact. However, if we all lived our lives with our eyes wide open and a compassionate heart this world would be a different place. We have seen grass roots movements take place around the world and we know the tremendous impact that it can have.

During this time of sad news stories and scary times with our climate and political environment I wanted to take the time to remind people that goodness exists and we have the ability to change lives.

ISDF was able to raise money for Tara to receive a wheelchair and bring her immense happiness not to mention the hope of rehabilitation. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the kind donors who made this possible.