The Desi Dog in Wikipedia.  A Wealth of Information

The Desi Dog in Wikipedia. A Wealth of Information

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Do you own an Indian Desi Dog? Desi is the Hindi word for street and about 40% of all ISDF dogs hail from India. There is a wealth of information available through this informative entry in Wikpedia. There are reference links at the bottom which contain some really fascinating information on this breed. Although they are not recognized as an official breed yet with the AKC, a breed standard exists with the Indian Kennel Club, and the dog has been recognized by the Primitive and Aboriginal Dog Society (PADS), a worldwide grouping of enthusiasts based in the USA.

This is a breed that has evolved through natural selection designed for survival. They are truly amazing dogs. Much of the information known about the Desi Dog has been shared on the world stage by Premlata Choudary, a veterinarian and rescuer out of New Delhi, India. She has helped place hundreds of Desi dogs around the world. The Desi Dog is lucky to have so many advocates. As our Training Director, Tom Moureau, stated “Once you have a Desi Dog there is no other breed I would consider having.”