The horrible reality of dog meat farms that you don’t know.

The horrible reality of dog meat farms that you don’t know.

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This is a preview of the EBS’s documentary to be broadcast on Friday, September 30, 2016, at 8:50 pm in Korea. *Warning: graphic content

Maggot-infested garbage is fed to the dogs. They are given drugs lethal enough to kill them, drugs that are then ingested by the consumer.  Dogs are hanged to death in front of other living, caged dogs who can see the fate that awaits them.  The bodies of disease-ridden dogs are thrown onto the excrement pile and then fed to chickens.

As they dug up the ground, they found countless mysterious bones and pieces of leather.  All of this is happening at just one dog farm.

In this expose of the shocking reality of a factory dog farm with 2,000 dogs, EBS’s “Our Sole Earth” examines the pitiful life of ‘meat dogs,’ imprisoned their entire lives in small wire cages raised up off the ground. From birth to cruel brutal death, these dogs never feel the ground beneath their feet.

Are these meat dogs any different than our companion dogs? Why is it that even after so many decades of the horrendous cruelty of the dog meat farms, they cannot be stopped?

The “dog meat farm” practice happens in many countries in S.E Asia with China’s market on the rise.

Click HERE to watch the video from our page.