The International Street Dog Foundation Update

The International Street Dog Foundation Update

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This is an update for all followers, adopters and supporters of ISDF. We are writing to let you know that we are undergoing a restructuring and are moving our main foster home; as such we have suspended all intake of new rescues until further notice.

While ISDF will be busy restructuring for the next few months, I want to make everyone aware that ISDF is not going anywhere and we will continue to support and promote awareness of street dogs around the world until we are able to resume intake.

Your support is needed now more than ever as our main funding which comes in the form of adoption donations is not being received however we have outstanding debt that we will need to raise money for to pay for past veterinary bills that will continue to need to be paid while we undergo the restructuring.

Your constant and ongoing support is a pillar to enable ISDF to continue serving the street dogs around the world and achieve our mission. Any donations to help us during this transition phase are greatly appreciated and will allow of to continue to help the dogs. You can donate through the above link. Thank you as always for your continued support and stay tuned for updates.