BREAKING NEWS…. Yulin Dog Meat Trade Canceled – Activists say

BREAKING NEWS…. Yulin Dog Meat Trade Canceled – Activists say

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Please see full story here.  ISDF remains skeptical but hopeful that activists are right and that the Government of Yulin will step up and enforce this ban.  Yulin has received worldwide condemnation and calls to end this horrific practice – let’s hope our voices have been heard and they are taking a step in the right direction. Due to the ingrained and deep rooted cultural beliefs and practices we know that many towns across China will be celebrating this festival and torturing dogs alive for human consumption.  However, this would be a HUGE step in the right direction as Yulin’s is the most famous of the festivals and would send a much needed message to the rest of China.  This goes to show that the government is listening and they know they have a huge blemish on their country which is impacting their tourism revenue among other things.  Goes to show that we all have a part to play in fighting this horrific practice.  Don’t stop having your voices heard  – the dogs of China are counting on you!

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  1. Karen

    Please please stop this animal cruelty itsbeyond belief these little souls have feelings like us humans .beating and torturing just for food which they don’t need to eat do the Chinese .dogs are mans best friend .china is getting hated by a lot of people cause of this barbaric cruelty .stop it now