China take note!  Nepal’s festival to honor the sacredness of the dogs.

China take note! Nepal’s festival to honor the sacredness of the dogs.

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In Nepal,  they celebrate the Tihar Festival every fall.  This years festival starts on November 9th.  The five day event honors many things throughout, but on the second day the honorees are the dogs.  During this part of the festival, dogs are worshiped as representations of the Hindu god Bhairav. The dogs take center stage on this day and are adorned with flower garlands as a sign of the people’s respect for the wonder that is the relationship between dog and man.  The dogs are marked on the forehead with red powder paint, which is a common practice among Hindus to signify sacredness.



China take note!   Many towns across China, most notably Yulin celebrate a dog eating festival every year in June where millions of innocent dogs are barbarically slaughtered for human consumption.  Dogs should be honored and cherished, not EATEN.  As Mahatma Gandhi proclaimed “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by how its animals are treated.”  Vietnam, S. Korea, China, the Philippines and others that eat dog meat and torture these innocent creatures – THE WORLD IS WATCHING.

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  1. When your youth sees how viciously you treat your companion animals, dogs and cats,they will be as vicious and in the future they will turn on the adults. What are you teaching your youth? That NO life matters? Then yours will not matter to your younger generation when they discard you too.