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Flight volunteers SAVE lives and lots of money.  A dog can travel with a passenger as checked luggage for 20% of the cost of traveling cargo.  It is essential for rescue groups to use flight volunteers for international flights in order to manage costs and enable us to stay afloat financially.

We are always looking for people traveling from New Delhi, Caracas, Bangkok, Muscat, Tunis, Kuala Lumpur, and Istanbul to Chicago, IL.  We have an urgent need at the moment for Bangkok and New Dehli flight volunteers. If you are traveling on business or pleasure from these locations into Chicago is no additional cost to passenger for dog’s flight and all dogs flight logistics are handled by ISDF.  All you need to do is agree to save a life and let a dog travel on your flight ticket as excess baggage.   If you are interested in helping please call Dawn at 414-426-4148.  Thank you!

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  1. Belinda Farinasdeleon

    I would be very interested but need more information on how things work.

    • Hi Belinda…. we are always looking for people who are traveling to Chicago from overseas locations such as Bangkok, Istanbul, New Delhi and other locations to act as flight volunteers. What this means is that they agree to allow a dog to travel with them on their flight ticket. The dog flies in the cargo compartment of the plane and the passenger is charged an extra luggage fee which varies depending on the airline but is usually around $200. The extra fee is covered by ISDF and rescue partners meet the passenger at the airport to check in the dog(s). The only inconvenience is having to get to the airport an hour early for the added check-in procedures. When you arrive at O’Hare ISDF is waiting when you come through the arrival hall to meet you and take possession of the dog(s). Please call me at 414-426-4148 if you would like to discuss further. Do you do much international travel?

    • Lindette Bourne

      Hi Belinda–I hope you can join our team! :+)