Fosters SAVE LIVES.  ISDF desperately needs foster homes.

Fosters SAVE LIVES. ISDF desperately needs foster homes.

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Fostering can be a very rewarding experience……….. and it SAVES LIVES.

Many people say “I could never foster because it would be too hard to give the dog up when they are adopted”  I say really “How can it be harder than knowing an innocent life died because no one was willing to foster?  Fosters play an incredibly important role in a rescue dogs journey to a new life.  Each street dog that is brought to the US is truly a life saved and the opportunity they are given to start fresh and live a happy fulfilled life is nothing short of a miracle.  Only made possible by the efforts of many.  YOU can be a part of this process and know that due to your selfless act you helped transform a life.  In my opinion, nothing is more rewarding.

ISDF is in desperate need of foster homes in the Chicago and Milwaukee areas.  We have 14 dogs arriving in November. We don’t currently have enough foster spots for all the dogs arriving which means that many dogs will need to be boarded until homes can be found.  This is not ideal as it costs money and the dogs are not given a chance to acclimate and prepare for success in a home before adoption.  Please contact Dawn Trimmel  at or 414-426-4148 if you are willing to foster.

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  1. I have fostered before for Helping Paws in Woodstock, Il. That’s where I work. We are limited in what we can foster as we have two chihuahuas that are freaked about bigger dogs so we’re limited to dogs under 20 lbs. Maybe we can talk more about your program and see if it would work out.

    • Hi Donna,
      I’m sorry I’m just seeing your post now. Thank you so much for your offer to help. Would a puppy be a good fit for you. They usually get adopted quickly and so would be most likely a short term foster of a couple weeks. Please let me know if this is a possibility. Can I call you to discuss further?
      Thank you so much.
      Dawn Trimmel

  2. Sure, you can give me a call. If the puppy was under 20 pounds we might be able to make it work. My number is 847-802-4613

  3. Lori Schelling

    I would be willing to foster a dog. We do have a miniature long haired dachshund and a cat so it would have to be a dog that is OK with other animals.

    • Hi Lori – Can you please call me at 414-426-4148? Best, Dawn Trimmel