Fosters save lives.  Thank you Krystal and Patrick for the many lives you have touched.

Fosters save lives. Thank you Krystal and Patrick for the many lives you have touched.

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Krystal and Patrick adopted an ISDF rescue named Lucy nearly 3 years ago. Lucy was very scared and timid when she arrived from Thailand. Patrick and Krystal decided that she was meant to be with them and they ended up being the perfect home for her. Lucy went on to blossom with their love and today she is a model dog. This was a blessing in and of itself and we were over the moon when they said they would like to help other dogs like Lucy to find their forever homes and help them adjust to life in a home. They gave the foster dogs a warm bed, taught them to trust and gain confidence and prepared them for success in their future homes. ISDF will always be grateful for their selfless dedication and for sharing their love with Lucy and the dogs they have fostered. Below is a note they posted recently to our Adopters Page.

ISDF is always in need of foster homes. If you would like to become a foster please contact Dawn at

Have you ever thought about fostering for ISDF?

Now that I am pregnant, my husband and I are hanging up our fostering hats for a little while. But I wanted to write a quick note and let people know how flexible and rewarding the experience was for us!

From January 2018 to October 2018 we fostered SEVEN dogs. We had one for only 3 days, some for ~3 weeks, and everything in between. We fell in love with each of our fosters and we are amazed at how much we have learned!

When we had questions, Dawn Trimmel and Tom Moureau were always a phone call, text, or email away. We always felt completely supported.

I can’t stress enough how flexible ISDF is about fostering. We frequently got to pick the dog we wanted to foster (so fun!) and we were able to coordinate with Dawn or another foster parent if we were going out of town and couldn’t take our foster pup with us. All adoption screening is done by Dawn, so your job is just to train and love until the right family comes along.

If you are at all interested, please consider reaching out to Dawn. Finding good fosters is tough, so if it fits in your life right now – go for it!

Feel free to reach out to me ( if you want to know more about our experience fostering!

Pictured is my husband with our 2nd foster, Fuyu (now Indie). He was our little lover boy ?

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  1. Karen Rau

    Pat and Krystal are awesome dog parents!! Lucy is the sweetest dog ever.