Help and Heal Animal Trust is in Desperate need of Fans and Inverter Batteries

Help and Heal Animal Trust is in Desperate need of Fans and Inverter Batteries

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Simmi Malhortra is the Founder of Help and Heal Animal Trust and on most given days she cares for over 50 handicap dogs in India that have no where else to go. Against all odds she persists and embodies the essence of “Where there is a will there is a way”. ISDF has placed several of her dogs and we are one of her biggest fans. As I always tell people the rescuers in country have the hard part of the journey as they see so much suffering and it is just not possible to save them all. Simmi refuses to turn her back on the most needy – despite facing ridicule and receiving threats from neighbors. Despite not knowing where the money will come from to get through another week. Despite her having to sacrifice family, friends and regular employment…. she persists for the dogs. She is a true hero.

The temperatures are sky high in India right now and the dogs need fans and batteries desperately to avoid heat related issues especially since so many of her dogs have health issues to begin with and are fragile. Please donate to help her and her sanctuary rescue dogs get through the scorching temperatures.

Cash Donations:
Help and heal animal trust
Bank of india savings account
Ifsc: BKID0006053
paytm: 9818981177
Kind Donations:
Address: A 83 Naraina Vihar New Delhi 110028

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  1. Sonia Heller Schulthess

    I hope Simmy will get the help she deserves. Life is tough for single women in her country and the fact that she is a dog rescuer does bring its share of trouble. Thank you ISDF for spreading the word.