Lobby United to change back their pet policy, and help this Puerto Rican Rescue!

Lobby United to change back their pet policy, and help this Puerto Rican Rescue!

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Our web manager, Stephanie, adopted her first dog, Sen Yai, from Thailand through ISDF. But her second hound, Poquita, hails from Puerto Rico—that’s her in the picture above. This morning, the organization that saved her, Animal Lighthouse Rescue, sent out an email for help. Like ISDF, they depend on airlines for the safe travel of their pets—and United has just changed their pet policies in a big, bad way, by reducing the number of dogs allowed to fly on their planes from 5 to 2. With only one flight a day from Puerto Rico to New York, spots are booked for weeks and ALR is left with dozens of homes waiting for dogs who are stuck in the shelter. For every dog they can’t fly out, there’s another one on the island being euthanized or dying in the street because there’s no space in the shelter.

But we can help! It’s as simple as sending an email to United’s PetSafe office and requesting that they change their policies back, so that more dogs can be saved. The more people write in, the more impact we’ll have. As ALR wrote this morning, “We have sent a bunch of letters already, and United has reached out to us! They are considering changing their policy back to the way it was. If we make a big enough storm, CHANGE WILL HAPPEN. Please, please help!”

Here’s how:

1. EMAIL: petsafe@united.com , whose office is in charge of booking PR dogs on United. All emails sent to him goes straight to United.

2. Post on Social Media: Tag United Airlines/ Hashtag United Airlines. Look at our post: www.facebook.com/ALRcares