We’re just howling for joy!

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Thank you so much to everyone who voted for us in the EMPSi Valentine’s Day charity drive! ISDF ended up with 39.61% of the vote, which means $1,980.50 has been donated to dogs in need. This is a HUGE donation … Continued

We would love to be your #1!

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EMPSi is donating $5,000 to charity and they need your help in deciding who to donate to. Many charities have a big drop off in donations after the holidays so Valentine’s Day seems a great time to “share the love.” … Continued

My name is Busy.

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But for ten long months, since January of 2014, I have lived inside a cage. And so busy is exactly what I have not been. And I do so long to be “busy” again… I am smart as a whip, … Continued

My name is Babe.

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Two and a half years ago, through a few magical twists and turns of fate, I was plucked from the illegal dog meat trade, and my life miraculously spared. I was only a few months old, really just a baby – a sweet, … Continued

Care Tips: Honey Do

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Sen Yai has had persistent skin problems, which we first noticed in response to his chicken allergy. Once that cleared up, seasonal allergies kicked in and he started turning pink and bald again. I tried everything: Neosporin, fancy canine creams, … Continued

Vice Media on the Yulin Dog Meat Festival (1/2)

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Vice just filmed a two-part video about the harrowing Dog Meat Festival in Yulin, China, which officials denied happened this year. But as the video shows, that didn’t mean that no dogs were killed. Warning: These videos contains graphic footage.

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