Pariah Dog – A touching documentary on Indian street dogs.

Pariah Dog – A touching documentary on Indian street dogs.

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‘Pariah Dog’, a touching documentary by New York-based filmmaker Jesse Alk has finally started its festival round in India. The documentary revolves around three people in Kolkata who religiously take care of the stray dogs in the city and often bullied by society. Aditi Sircar is the executive producer of the film.
As of now, ‘Pariah Dog’ is official selection at the Dharamsala International Film Festival (November 10), Kolkata International Film Festival (November 8 to 15), and Film Southasia in Kathmandu later in the month along with the International Short and Independent Film Festival in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which starts on December 7.

The New York times just posted an article to communicate the new releases of the film and the astounding success that it has received in European and US markets. It is resonating with people around the world as it helps shed light on the street dog epidemic in India. If you have the opportunity to see this wonderful film then I would highly recommend it.

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