Simmi Malhotra – Against all odds

Simmi Malhotra – Against all odds

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Simmi is a rescuer from New Delhi, India who was awarded the Bravery Award in 2013 for her activism regarding the street dogs.  She has sacrificed everything and fought tremendous opposition to continue caring for the street dogs in New Delhi.  ISDF is honored to be partnering with her.  ISDF will be visiting her in October and will be bringing two of her rescues – Kushi and Sonia – to the Chicago area for re-homing.  Stay tuned for more updates.

It is said that “until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” Ms Simmy Malhotra, an animal lover, since she was studying in fifth standard in school, fully embraces this philosophy in her life. Despite having lost her parents and brother, all of whom were animal lovers, she did not give up on her zest for life and adopted stray dogs and discovered friends for life.

Simmy established the ‘Help And Heal Animal Trust’ and had it duly registered. Initially the Trust was being managed and run by her and financed through her salary only. She was looking after animals in her neighboring areas, feeding and providing medical care for them out of her personal resources.

At present she has over 40 stray dogs in her house. Since the number of animals has grown, owing to her love and servitude, Ms Malhotra has resigned from her job to be able to take care of them on a full time basis. She does everything all by herself as she has no help, no maid/servant, no vehicle and no volunteers. She proposes to sell her house in Delhi and invest the money in an agricultural land, where her ‘babies’, as she refers to her dogs, can have ample open space to run and play around. Moreover, she plans to start up a sterilization clinic.

This animal crusader is just an ordinary woman with a rare compassion for animals’ welfare and is dedicating all her time, energy and resources for their welfare. We could all learn a little from this remarkable woman and gain some inspiration for her dedication to the animals against all odds.

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  1. Sonia Heller Schulthess

    Simmi is a remarkable woman and doing this all alone with her son Amrit. She deserves our support.

  2. Carol Muir

    Thank goodness for people like Simmi, it makes the world a better place.

  3. Chetna Bhasin

    I know her as we worked for same organization…but you need real strength to do such charity…hats off for her dedication…we really appreciate your efforts????

  4. Respect you Simmi

  5. So happy for you Simmi…hope you get more recognition and can save more lives…