Tehran dogs…. hardship on a whole new scale

Tehran dogs…. hardship on a whole new scale

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This informative article written by the New York Times bout dogs in Tehran, Iran shows us how hard it is for the street dogs of Iran. Simply heart breaking. Such is the story for so many dogs living overseas especially in Muslim countries. Most Americans who have not witnessed this tragedy first hand have a hard time understanding the scale of neglect and abuse because quite simply it’s mind boggling for most Americans who treat our dogs like family members.

This is testament to the fact that these dogs need us to be their voices and they need our help. They are counting on us and those who help them are nothing short of angels on earth.

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  1. I went from India to Egypt and saw the appalling shift in animal cruelty in Muslim Egypt. Both countries have problems with stray dogs. Yet, India with all it’s problems does not practice the kind of “out in public” cruelty I saw in Egypt against all animals – particularly equines – horses and donkeys.

    I had to intervene on two occasions because no one else would. To make matters worse, the way that the Egyptian government is handling the stray dog population is to advocate shipping them off to Korea for the dog meat trade. This is a country that is dependent on Western tourism for its survival and has had a terrible economic crisis. It is literally ridiculous that they would take this stand.

    I made friends in Muslim Egypt but I cannot reconcile the cruelty against animals, which is a DIRECT violation of the Quran, which considers animal cruelty a crime against Allah. The Christian Bible does not even have that level of protection for animals in scripture.

    I admire so greatly the people over there who are defying the oppressive regime that has caused so much suffering in people and animals and their courage. It is literally remarkable. All of us need to help in whatever way we can – even if it is only the small things we can do – such as supporting these brave animal lovers.