Selfless giving and passion for a cause – Marjon Tondravi

Selfless giving and passion for a cause – Marjon Tondravi

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I wanted to take a moment – today my birthday, to give thanks for my blessings and share my gratitude to someone whom I admire greatly and am fortunate to call my friend.

Marjon Tondravi of Give a Dog a Bone, runs this Etsy Store where she spends her free time making high quality hand made dog accessories.  In the evenings after her day job ends, she comes home and sews.  On most weekends Marjon and other selfless volunteers go to events and set up shop selling their acessories to raise money for the survivors of the dog meat trade.

I first met Marjon over 4 years ago – our paths crossed because of our passion and commitment to ending the dog meat trade of Thailand and helping the survivors.  We shared a bond – we both are adopters of dog meat trade survivors and couldn’t be prouder parents, as you may have noticed by all of our obnoxious posting of our kids…. LOL  Through the years we have stayed in touch sharing tears and happy stories.  I couldn’t be prouder to call Marjon my friend.

100% of all the proceeds from her sales go to rehoming dog meat trade survivors from Thailand.  Just last month Marjon donated $1,000 from the sale of her merchandise to help 3 lucky survivors from Elfe’s World fly to Chicago so that ISDF can find them loving homes.  Kailey, Bailey and Spike arrive this Sunday into Chicago thanks in large part to the efforts of Marjon.

How does Marjon do it all?  I don’t know but she ALWAYS has a smile on her face despite I know it is not easy.  It is because she is driven and marches to a higher calling – the power of PASSION!  Hates off to you Marjon!  Thanks for all you do!


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  1. Nancy Robindon

    I had been following Soi Dog Foundation on FB and knew this was something I needed to get involved with but didn’t know how to go about contacting anyone. I met Marjon and her Mom at an event in Quincy about 3 years ago and have been volunteering since. I have never met anyone so devoted to ending the meat trade and being the voice of the innocent. I am so honored to know her and to be included in the cause. We will not stop until the illegal meat trade is over